Shaun T at 20th Annual Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day

Shaun T at 20th Annual Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day

Shaun T with Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and others at the 20th Annual Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 29, 2015 in the Queens borough of New York City.

Shaun T at Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day 2014

Shaun T performs at Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day with Novak Djokovic prior to the start of the 2014 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 23, 2014 in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens in New York City.

Shaun T at The Delta Open Mic with Serena Williams

Shaun T at The Delta Open Mic with Serena Williams

Shaun T attends the Delta OPEN Mic, a private karaoke event in celebration of her upcoming defending tennis championship and magazine cover profile with celebrity guests and friends at Arena, on August 20, 2014 in New York City.

The Holiday Edge: Workouts & Food Guide

The Holiday Edge: Workouts & Food Guide

I know it can be challenging to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals during the holidays, so…Shaun T is here to help! Throughout the month of December, I’ll be leading you through daily 1-minute bonus workouts to give you the edge on the holidays!

Bookmark this page and subscribe to my YouTube channel for your daily 60 second workout + food tip of the day to help you THRIVE into the new year!

Simply do the following workouts IN ADDITION to your current routine. If you are doing T25, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE bonus workouts in addition to T25… If you are doing INSANITY, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE routines in addition to your INSANITY workout of the day… If you are riding the couch, then completing #THEHOLIDAYEDGE workout each day is progress in itself!

If YOU are ready to get the edge on 2014, click on the links below to get started…

Videos and Content

  1. Cardio & Coconut Oil

  2. Core & Avocado

  3. Strength & Kale

  4. Cardio & Eggs

  5. Core & Dark Chocolate

  6. Strength & Sweet Potato

  7. Cardio & Grass-Fed Beef

  8. Strength & Watercress

  9. Cardio & Parsnips

  10. Cardio & Macadamia Nuts

  11. Core Strength & Beets

  12. Core & Wild Salmon

  13. Cardio & Nut Butter

  14. Bodyweight Strength & Berries

  15. Cardio & Spaghetti Squash

Announcing The Holiday Edge challenge!

Announcing The Holiday Edge challenge!

Welcome to the official kickoff of #THEHOLIDAYEDGE challenge! I know the holidays can be challenging to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals, so…Shaun T is here to help!

During the month of December, I’ll be leading you through a daily 1 minute bonus workout to give you that edge on the holidays. Monday-Friday I will post a video of your 60 second workout + food tip of the day to help you THRIVE into the new year!

These workouts are to be done in addition to your current routine!

So, if you are doing T25, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE bonus workouts in addition to T25…

If you are doing INSANITY, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE bonus workouts in addition to your INSANITY workout of the day…

If you are riding the couch, then completing #THEHOLIDAYEDGE workout of the day is progress in itself!

CLICK HERE if YOU are ready to join me in getting the edge on 2014!!!

Choose the home of SHAUNTERVENTION UK

Choose the home of SHAUNTERVENTION UK

You asked…we listened! We are officially coming to the UK in 2014! We’ve narrowed it down to two cities—BUT we need YOU to decide which one will be the home for the first international SHAUNTERVENTION! Voting will close one week from today…THANK YOU!

YOU are someone’s idol

YOU are someone’s idol

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the US Open and watch one of idols play—Serena Williams. Realizing I was only three seats away from one of the most impressive people to me BLEW MY MIND! I texted Darren and Danielle this picture and they joked with me that maybe she was texting her sister Venus that she was only three seats from me…ha ha guys. She definitely wasn’t! But it got me thinking…

Everybody is somebody’s idol.

Everybody is somebody’s idol. Each of us has someone that we look to for inspiration. Seeing these people in person can be the most invigorating feeling ever! I really do wonder who Serena looks to for her inspiration and guidance. Perhaps it’s her mom? Her sister? Maybe it’s a best friend?

… no matter who you are, realize that someone looks to YOU as their idol.

The whole point is that no matter who you are, realize that someone looks to YOU as their idol. Whether it’s a sibling, a friend, your child—YOU are truly somebody’s real life HERO. And THAT is an AMAAAAAZING reason to consistently focus on being the best idol that you can possibly be.

But please believe, when I say YOUR best, I mean the very best that YOU can be at any given moment. This does NOT mean being perfect! This means being real, and authentic, and kind, and true—the kind of person who sets the example that you yourself would want to follow.

The most important lesson we can learn from our idols is to enrich the lives of others by instilling the qualities we admire in ourselves.

Idols come in all shapes and sizes but they all share one thing—they motivate us throughout our lives. The most important lesson we can learn from our idols is to enrich the lives of others by instilling the qualities we admire in ourselves.

Today, I want YOU to be your best idol. To help accomplish this and inspire others to be their best, let’s compile a list below in the comments on this post of the qualities YOU appreciate and admire in your idols. Be specific—what are some of the things they do that earns your respect and admiration?

Bookmark this post, so you know you can return when you need inspiration, guidance, and motivation to be strong when you’re feeling weak and confident for the people who idolize YOU!

My name is Derek and I love doughnuts

My name is Derek and I love doughnuts

The guy behind the scenes…

Are you enjoying the Amazeballs t-shirt…or liking the eye-candy banners and advertising at the Shaun T events? Well that’s me, graphic artist mastermind.

I’ve always considered myself a painter (art, not houses). But for “work” I find that I’m doing a lot of graphic art and photography these days…which is just as rewarding (enter shameless plug here:

I’m an artist, I don’t write, especially in paragraphs, so here is a list of some things about me:

  1. I’m an artist.
  2. I used to be a bodyguard.
  3. I love doughnuts!  No…I LOVE doughnuts.
  4. I’m a father (and Tania’s husband LOL!)
  5. I’ve learned that I have “amazing squats”…as Shaun T says in T25.
  6. I love to collect small wooden balsa boxes.
  7. When I dry off after a shower, I have to have the towel tag at the bottom when I wrap it around my waist.
  8. I don’t smell books like my wife does.
  9. I could stare at my son all day.
  10. I live in NY!  I used to live in LA and before that, I lived in Kankakee, IL.
  11. I proposed to my wife through a painting I created especially for her…that you can now see in the T25 infomercial. #proud
  12. I moved to California from IL when I was 17.  I had $100 in my pocket!
  13. Have I mentioned I love doughnuts?
  14. I’m extremely patient.
  15. I’m not superstitious.
  16. I shaved my head most of my adult life, but now I have hair…but my wife made me cut it.
  17. I love to paint all night until I fall asleep (in my clothes) then wake up and keep painting!
  18. I don’t like cucumbers.
  19. I’m flattered when people don’t believe I’m 45 (46 in October this year).
  20. I’m famous for buying shoes online and returning them.  I like to think I’m a size 12 but really I’m a 13.
  21. I find I don’t give a sh#t about the small stuff…and 95% of it is small stuff.
  22. My favorite movies are Amelie and The Illusionist.
  23. I used to illustrate pictures in the Book of Shadows on the TV series Charmed.
  24. I’m ADDICTED to Grand Theft Auto Liberty City…no, really!  I learned my way around NY from that game!
  25. My favorite food, spicy tuna sushi.
  26. I use to read a lot of books about physics and Richard Feynman.
  27. I’m a black belt in Hapkido and have over eight years of Brazilin Jiu Jitsu training.
  28. I don’t kill insects; I’ll catch them and set them free outside…no matter what they are.
  29. I can’t hear for sh#t (ringing in my ears) and it REALLY annoys my wife! Or maybe that’s just “selective hearing.”
  30. I keep a container of Play-Doh at my art desk and smell it when I have “artist block.”
  31. I was ranked #5 in IL when I raced BMX as a teenager.
  32. I know someone who is a vegetarian but he doesn’t like vegetables.
  33. Favorite junk food: Doughnuts (of course), Grimaldi’s Pizza and Twizzlers.
  34. I blame my wife for my extensive knowledge of women’s handbags!
  35. Proof reading this makes me think I have a few “issues”…LOL!

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The most important event of my life

The most important event of my life

Sorry for not being able to hit the blog more lately but we have been IN IT TO WIN IT prepping for the biggest event of my life…SHAUNTERVENTION.

I have NEVER in my life been this excited about an event before!

I know you may think, okay Shaun…enough with the Shauntervention talk, but I can’t help it! I have NEVER in my life been this excited about an event before!

This is going to be unlike anything I have ever done and I am hoping it will be the blueprint for my 2014 in various cities across the world. I have done too many live workouts to count, but this is SOOOO much more than that.

I have told you that I feel compelled…called to touch people’s souls…to help you heal not only your body but your HEART. And THAT is what this event is for me.

EVERYONE is going to get an experience that is beyond anything I can measure.

Whether you are VIP or General Admission or you show up at the door because you are in search of something in your life, EVERYONE is going to get an experience that is beyond anything I can measure. So, what do you get, anyway? Well, let me break it down for you…


Live Workout

You’re going to DIG BEYOND DEEP with me in my most insane, focused, and inspired live workout to date—with a modifier—because I want EVERYONE to experience their full power!

Form PerfecSHAUN

We’re going to do a full session on perfecting your form, to ensure that beyond event day you are trained and ready to move as functionally as possible to get the most amazing results out of your training.


Question and answer session where we’ll be going ALL the way in!


A SUPER special keynote address from the depth of my soul to yours.


Plus we’re hooking you up with more fun bonuses like an official TRUST AND BELIEVE WRISTBAND and ST TRUST AND BELIEVE car decal.


But…my absolute FAVORITE part of SHAUNTERVENTION is a gift that I wanted to give you to motivate you for the rest of your year once you walk out the doors ready to take control of your life…something truly special and unique to help you discover your potential and FIND YOUR LIFE…

We created a book for YOU, AffirmaSHAUNS: 52 Weeks of LIVING. It’s part motivation and part journal to help you live your life to its fullest.


This day…THIS DAY…will be EPIC beyond words and I cannot even wait to share it with you. And don’t worry, there’s still time for you to register!

I feel that on THIS day, together, we will make a difference that will forever change the course of your life.

September 14, 2013. Dallas, TX. I can’t wait to see YOU…

P.S. If you’d like to share and promote, here are the official flyers the team created for you!

[button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_self” background=”#0ed2e7″]WEB FLYER[/button]

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Straight muggin’

Straight muggin’

Yesterday, I told you on Facebook that not only do I drink coffee, but I also put creamer in it. I am not ashamed to say that I start my day with coffee everyday. Not only do I love drinking the coffee, but I love the smell and the sound…it’s like the official soundtrack of my morning.

It’s like the official soundtrack of my morning.

But just as important as what I put in my cup, is my mug. The mug I drink my coffee out of is a statement. That’s why each morning I be straight muggin’! Whether its an M&M mug (one of my favorite sweet treats), or a special mug that someone got for me as a present, your mug really makes a statement about you and your mood.

Your mug really makes a statement about you and your mood.

So, for you coffee drinkers out there—or even tea drinkers—are you straight muggin’ each day too? Is your mug a statement or a symbol of who you are or your mood? If so, I want to know—what does your mug say about YOU?

AMAZEBALLS shirts available NOW!

AMAZEBALLS shirts available NOW!

You’ve been asking…you’ve been patiently waiting…today I’m happy to announce the AMAZEBALLS shirts are available at the STORE!!!


[button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_self” background=”#0ed2e7″]BUY AMAZEBALLS T[/button]

[button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_self” background=”#0ed2e7″]BUY AMAZEBALLS V-NECK[/button]

10% physical, 90% mental

10% physical, 90% mental

We were having a discussion last night about tennis being 10% physical and 90% mental and it turned into a deep conversation about how this applies to your health and fitness…and in turn, your happiness!

Your success relies on your mental strength.

It takes 10% of your energy to actually implement the process of getting healthy and fit: You have to go to the store and buy the right foods. You have to push play everyday and get up and do the exercise. But when you consciously decide, “I am actually going to do this and commit to making myself healthier,” that is when your life will change—and that dedication and focus is the 90% that gets you those results.

Until you’re ready to dedicate your mind to making a change, your body just isn’t going to follow…it’s just not! We all know those people who want to sit back and blame other people for their failures and make excuses. But when you make the change in your mind that you’re going to succeed, you’re 90% there. The remaining 10% is just motivating the body to follow the mind for the results you want!

How much fruit do you eat a day?

How much fruit do you eat a day?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Well, at least that is how the saying goes…

Here’s the thing—fruit is amazing. It’s naturally sweet and a perfect snack for an energy boost, plus a way to get vitamins and nutrients. BUT…just like with anything else it’s best used in moderation.

YES, you CAN eat too much fruit in a day!

I know you are thinking, “Oh, it’s just fruit…it’s healthy! I’m going all the way in!”

But how much you are consuming and the time of day at which you’re eating the fruit matters—and it can be affecting your results. Just remember, fruit is still sugar. It may be natural sugar but those sugars add up! And sometimes more than you think, such as in the case of high glycemic fruits like apples and bananas.

I really try to consume my fruit before noon so that my body has longer to process it and I try to limit myself to 2-3 pieces of fruit a day. No more!

No one has gotten “fat” from eating apples, but you get my point, right? Small tweaks to get you big results…

Check yo’ squat

Check yo’ squat

Let’s get specific today on training with T—let’s talk about your squat form. Squats are such a great, functional exercise, which is one of the reasons you can find them mixed in throughout my programs…but…it’s also one move that is done with improper form most often. Here are a few checkpoints for you to focus on:

  1. Your toes are facing forward
  2. Your legs are hip distance apart
  3. Your weight is in your heels, and your heels are on the floor. You should be able to slightly lift your toes
  4. Your chest is up and your back is flat, not rounded.

Now, I want you to go look in the mirror at yourself in squat position and check to see if you have good form. How’s it look?

RemENNIS: Growing up with Shaun T

RemENNIS: Growing up with Shaun T

I was here 1st! Me Me Me Me Me. SHARE what, with WHO?! Little Brother. LOL.

Can’t say that’s how it went down. Having Shaun T (just Shaun from here forward) as a younger brother was like having my best friend with me all day everyday. 35 years later my Best Man.

We lived in West Philly with strong family ties in South Jersey. It was a no brainer to get two influential boys out of the city and into the burbs. Deptford Twp here we come.

We came from a time when we shared rooms until 3rd grade. Our mother thought it was cute to dress us alike. Well, same short and tank, but different colors. Same sneakers, same calf high socks with three stripes to match our gear. Same suit with different color shirt. Same footy pi’s, different cartoon character. You get it. LOL.

A fun ride was sitting in the back of our PopPop station wagon, in the pop-up seat that faced backwards. Good times. We were in church every Sunday, and bible study on Wednesdays listening for as long a kids could until we began with tic tac toe and called back to attention by our grandfather from the pulpit.

We created our own holiday, “Prank Day”. The title says it all. You had to be on guard all day, because anything could happen.

Shaun and I had to be creative growing up, making up games to keep ourselves busy. Big wheel races to the corner store. Mattresses used to break our landing after jumping from an 11 foot porch landing. Cardboard tracks for our matchbox cars and a lot of hide and seek. We created our own holiday, “Prank Day”. The title says it all. You had to be on guard all day, because anything could happen.

Shaun wasn’t always open with his thoughts, though he has been inspirational throughout our lives. My quiet younger brother has grown into a beacon of health, fitness, and inspiration.


As a child Shaun hated chores and would do whatever he could to get out of them—dishes, taking out trash, mowing the lawn and walking the dog. Two of which were dropped completely and picked up by who? Yep, me. That would be dishes and mowing the lawn. Shaun left dishes dirty on purpose, and played up some allergies. I joke sometimes and say he developed his leg muscles being pulled around the 1/4 mile block by a Rottweiler. His work ethic sprouted fiercely late teenage years.


Not so much but he though he was a heavyweight title fighter as long as he had his “My Buddy.” Boy did I learn to bob and weave. Shaun and I never really got into fights, for the most part it was just the two of us. My recollection is we got along really well. I was on the receiving end of a few memorable get-backs. I’ll share one…

Shaun ran out of deodorant one day and in response to my laughing and refusing to share, he cut out the tops of my deodorant sticks. Ever try and rub on an empty deodorant stick? Drag, drag, ouch.

Tattle Tale

Nah, Shaun threatened to tell on me when I did something wrong but 98.9% of the time he didn’t. We were napping on the sofa bed one fine afternoon at my grandma’s. We were supposed to be sleeping but we were laughing and talking. Our Mommom (grandma) came in and told us to get to sleep. I started laughing, Shaun followed and began giggling. Mommom went out to “get a switch.”

While outside I turned on my stomach and put a worn throw pillow on my butt under the blanket that was over me. Mommom came in with that switch and took a couple swings on my pillow butt—I had a flair for the dramatic back then, fake crying, and moving around careful to keep that pillow in place…until, SHAUN started laughing. Luckily my Mommom was the “bestest” and really didn’t like to discipline us. When asked why he was laughing at me being punished, SHAUN still laughing, says “He has a pillow on his butt!” I’m thinking to myself, Nooooooooooo! I looked back at my Mommom and we all started laughing. I thought it was over for me. That pillow and a great sense of humor saved my booty.


My brother was always talented though he kept to himself. When he would dance, all would focus on him, “Do it again!” “Keep going!” As for Me. “What is he doing?” “Sit down!” Shaun could watch something once and mimic it perfectly.


Shaun followed me to the football field but didn’t care for it. Though he could jam the heck out of any receiver those days. No. He was into basketball, and he was good at it. Basketball started on the block with an orange milk crate, flat board, and a telephone pole. Sounds kind of cliche but it’s true.

High School Sports introduced us both to track and field. Yes, it started on the block with Shaun and I racing from the corner to the house. He would not settle for anything but an all out race. No gifts, no letting him win, just a flat out race to the finish. Shaun was great in the 400m and our 4x400m relay, but his bread and butter was the 110 high hurdles and the 400m intermediate hurdles. I slept through most events until it was my turn to race, but I never missed my brother’s run. Shaun and I have a great deal in common and in some aspects opposite sides of the same coin. We have always had a healthy sibling rivalry that has persisted into adulthood with our newfound sport tennis. I need to play more so I can teach him a few things. Anybody close by who wants to play and help my game?

College Life

Being older, I was first to leave home. I’ve never said this aloud but I missed having my brother around. A year later, he would graduate high school with the entire school knowing his name. In his yearbook written under his picture as a future endeavor: “To be Famous.” The next 4 years of his life highlighted hip hop aerobics at Rowan University, spinning classes, teaching dance in area schools, creating eight counts in the car, health and exercise science degree, friendships, mentors all of which set him on that very path, not to just be known but adored by those whose lives he has touched and aided in his life-changing ways.


One Friday, Shaun said to me, “Ennis, I want to go to Los Angeles.” A plan formed and became reality in two days. Sunday morning we packed up the Ford Focus inside and out with just enough room for each of use to sit and hit the road. We drove across the country through NJ, PA, OH, IN (1 hr nap), IL, MO (speeding ticket—me), OK, TX, NM (sleep in Santa Rosa briefly) AZ, and finally CA . We only ate Cracker Barrel until arriving in California, where we dove into some Sizzler. For those of you who know, you know Sizzler… LOL.

Frequent visits to check up on my brother proved that he was still his charismatic self—making his new world his own, unlocking doors, building firm bridges, and forging a straight path to his goal. All along still motivating me to be me through his actions.

…35 years later, I am still growing up with Shaun T, looking forward to our lifetime as brothers. I Love YOU Shaun!

Shaun T

The strangest thing happened: Shaun was no longer, “hey that’s Ennis’ brother.” He was now Shaun T. I, I am Ennis, Shaun T’s (the INSANITY guy’s) brother. Correction: Shaun T’s supportive and proud older brother! Shaun and I traveled together, hit amusement parks together, dinner (mom’s baked mac and cheese), competed together, suffered loss together, accomplished together and 35 years later, I am still growing up with Shaun T, looking forward to our lifetime as brothers. I Love YOU Shaun!

September 1, 2012 my brother, my best friend stood beside me as my best man, supporting my greatest decision to marry my beautiful wife. October 12, 2012 I had the privilege of giving my brother away to an amazeballs guy who’s now “my older brother.” Sorry, Scottie Rocks!

Growing up with Shaun T continues…

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Thank you for LIVING, Todd Owen

Thank you for LIVING, Todd Owen

LIVE today…not for you but for those who cannot. I know the saying goes that life is short and we should live each day as if it’s our last, but I want you to truly embrace these words.

I learned today that an avid supporter of mine and incredible human being left us too early in a fatal car crash. His name was Todd Owen. Friends of Todd have been sharing with me on Facebook the inspiring impact Todd made on the lives he touched.

Todd, you can rest peacefully knowing that the friends you leave behind will carry on your passion, pay forward your kindness, and keep your dream alive by helping others improve their lives.

I ask that you please keep Todd in your thoughts. If you pray, please pray for his family and friends. And if you could, please take a moment of silence today in tribute to Todd. It would mean a great deal to me.

People often wonder how to measure greatness…but I think the real question should be, ‘How do you inspire greatness?’ Todd showed us how…

I’ll leave you with this: People often wonder how to measure greatness…but I think the real question should be, ‘How do you inspire greatness?’ Todd showed us how… Be kind to people, make a difference, smile at strangers…love hard and with all your heart.

I trust and believe in the POWER of your GREATNESS! So go out there each day and LIVE with every bone in your body, share YOUR greatness with the world, and MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO BE BETTER!

How to accept a compliment

How to accept a compliment

Have you ever noticed how hard it is for people to accept a compliment? Truly! I want you to think about it for a minute…

Think about the last time someone came up to you and said, “Wow! You look great today!” Your typical response might be something like, “Really, ugh, I am so tired.”

Why do we do that?! I am guilty of it too. It’s as if it’s almost painful for us to accept the compliment. You know how easy it would be to simply reply to a compliment with a smile and a thank you. Compliments are not just about you, they are about the person giving them. And I LOVE giving compliments to people. I know it makes them feel good, and in turn, I feel good too.

So, I want you to try something for me today. I want you to give someone a compliment simply because giving compliments is awesome. Then, I want you to work on accepting compliments.



YES! Just say thank you, smile, and take the compliment and let it brighten your day, warm your heart, and help you LIVE!

Best shoes for INSANITY and T25

Best shoes for INSANITY and T25

There’s a lot of hype behind shoe designs lately and one of the questions I get asked the most is what kind of shoes you should wear for programs like INSANITY and T25. So, for Train with T Tuesday, let’s talk shoes!

I have SUUUUUPER flat feet—like no arch at all! So shoes can really HURT my feet. Like BAD. That’s why I actually do INSANITY and T25 barefoot when I’m at home (well, usually in some fly a$$ socks, but you get the point). When I go barefoot during these workouts, my feet are able to perform and move naturally, allowing me to move and pivot in all directions.

When I go barefoot during these workouts, my feet are able to perform and move naturally, allowing me to move and pivot in all directions.

But since we can’t always go barefoot, which shoes should YOU be wearing to DIG DEEPER?

Well, you want a shoe that is pretty flat. Some people call this “minimal” but all I mean is that the shoes don’t really have a big drop from heel to toe or a lot of cushioning. These shoes will mimic the human foot and allow you to handle all the different movements and drills that we do in INSANITY.

To really get into it though, I feel like first we need to talk about which shoes you should NOT be wearing…

What shoes should you NOT wear?

Most people assume that the best shoes for INSANITY would be cushioned shoes, like you’d typically wear for running—BUT these are actually something you want to avoid for this sort of training. Running shoes really aren’t appropriate for doing INSANITY type workouts. They’re really designed for forward motion only and the cushioning is meant to absorb the shock of impact when your foot strikes the pavement. When doing plyometrics, that extra cushioning doesn’t allow you to land properly and can potentially cause knee and ankle injury from instability.

When doing plyometrics, that extra cushioning doesn’t allow you to land properly and can potentially cause knee and ankle injury.

The best INSANITY shoes

The shoes I recommend are going to be a cross-training shoe or a “minimalist shoe” since they are designed for lateral movement. There are tons of brands out there these days, so do some looking around and TRY THEM ON and MOVE!

One that I found that works really well for me is a pair of the Reebok CrossFit models. They were some of the first shoes I ever found that didn’t hurt my feet. I’m not endorsing them or saying they’re the best INSANITY shoe out there for everyone, I’m just saying that they happen to work really well for my flat feet and exhibit the traits of a shoe that I’d recommend for these programs—flat, close to the ground, allowing you to move and pivot like the human foot would allow.

YOU guys have an INSANE amount of first hand experience though, so I want to know what YOU are wearing. So, tell me—what shoes have YOU found to be best and WHY do you recommend them for others and me to try?

Shaun T

Shaun T


Shaun T

Who is the ShaunTourage?

Who is the ShaunTourage?

The ShaunTourage is not a band. It’s not a workout video. It’s not a bar (where everybody knows your name). It’s just a family of people who love and support each other on this incredible journey we call life!

The whole “ShaunTourage” thing actually started as a joke last year at the Beachbody Coach Summit 2012 while we were sitting in the hotel room after doing a morning workout on stage. Darren started joking around about “rolling with the ShaunTourage” and the team just sort of latched onto it and ran with it! I’m telling y’all—I run with some awesome friends but these fools are CRAY!

We just never realized that this joke would turn into something…something people could really identify with and want to join in on.

Now, if you want my honest opinion on the name…well, I’ll just say that I ain’t the one feeling it. It was never my cup of tea from the beginning…BUT…the team loves it and you guys are super supportive of it too, so I’m letting the ‘Tourage LIVE.

I will say that it cracks me up how it’s been flipped into something. What started as a funny name has somehow turned into something…something people can really identify with and join in on. Now these guys want to make logos and build the brand. We’ll see about that…

All I know is that one thing is for certain—they support me in all that I do and in turn they help me to motivate YOU!

All I know is that one thing is for certain—they support me in all that I do and in turn they help me to motivate YOU! All of us hope you enjoy being a part of our journey here on Sundays with the ShaunTourage, because your rest day is our discovery day—SHAUNTOURAGE STYLE! (Ha, they told me to write that! See how these bullies influence me!) I love them though!

And trust and believe, I love YOU! So let’s crack this open and hear what you guys think the ShaunTourage should get into next—a reality show, a cooking channel, an Ultimate Tazer Ball team (seriously, that’s a new sport—with tazers). You tell us! What challenge do YOU want us take on?

Never be afraid to change lanes

Never be afraid to change lanes

I felt compelled to say this to YOU today:

If you are unhappy in your present situation, remember this—changing your direction for tomorrow is as easy as changing lanes today.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR EXISTENCE. You have the power to inspire YOUR future!

No matter how hard it may seem at times, never be afraid to refocus your life and set yourself on a new path that will take you where you want to go. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR EXISTENCE. You have the power to inspire YOUR future!

Healthy, AMAZEBALLS appetizer

Healthy, AMAZEBALLS appetizer

Alex and I just had an amazing shopping and lunch catch-up day and what did we eat…?

Well…one super delicious healthy thing we ate……

[blockquote]Tuna tartar with orange and melon.[/blockquote]

Tuna tartar with orange and melon. That was the appetizer! So good!

This brings me to ask the question—do you eat fish on a regular basis? If not, start incorporating it in your diet because it’s too important to overlook! Keep that nutrition varied!

Do it for your enjoyment

Do it for your enjoyment

I challenge you to be creative…

It’s In It to Win It Wednesday and to help you stay engaged, I want to help you find a way to mix up your fitness. Yes, I know you like some of my programs but I want you to like doing what YOU like to do.

For one week, alternate your fitness. Mix it up with new stuff. Maybe bring back some old workouts that you did when you were younger.

[blockquote]Only continue to do something if YOU enjoy it—not because someone made you do it.[/blockquote]

Why am I saying this? Because it’s YOUR body and YOUR life! Sometimes I see people that stay committed to something only because others say to do it. Only continue to do something if YOU enjoy it—not because someone made you do it.

Would you like it if someone “made” me create my programs? Nope! You wouldn’t see the drive and the passion I have to help you succeed. What I do is real. What I say is real. I do what I feel and what I feel is the power to help you succeed!

So…drop a comment below and let me know how you plan to move forward doing what YOU love to do! I feed off your determination!

One love,


How to be a better athlete

How to be a better athlete

There’s nothing better than being able to live. Yes, just that…L-I-V-E!

Living is natural. It’s not something we typically wake up in the morning and consciously prepare to do. It’s engrained in our soul. It’s what makes us thrive and propels us forward in life. So, why should an athlete have to do anything more than just live in the moment when they are preparing for their sport?

The ability of an athlete to step into their arena and feel free to be 100% focused on competing in their sport is the catalyst which separates the elite from the dedicated. This is essential to an athlete’s success—it cannot be secondary. The joy of feeling free to be oneself in all aspects of life is not something that can endure if there is an underlying stressor.


As an extremely happy GAY married man with a wonderful husband, I would never want to hide this, nor should I ever have to hide it! Sexual orientation should be completely transparent to my ability to step on stage to motivate and train a group of people.

While in the pocket at the start of a race, the only thing your mind should be preparing to run from is the competition—you will NEVER be able to outrun a battle with yourself. These peripheral issues do nothing but cloud your ability to cross the finish line.

[blockquote]You will NEVER be able to outrun a battle with yourself.[/blockquote]

Now, as a fanatical tennis player, the thought of being afraid to step onto the court because of who I love in my personal life or who I am off the court is completely foreign to me—and I want it to be unfamiliar to YOU!

So, how do you accomplish this, so that you can move forward in seizing your athletic potential?

Go stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself the following:

“I am ME. I am proud of who I am. I am dedicated to being the best that I can be in my personal life and I am focused on excelling in my craft. I understand and appreciate that this can only be done if I am at peace with who I am. From this day forward, I promise ME that I will accept my life as is, or accept the responsibility for changing it. I BELIEVE IN ME!”

Now, breathe…stretch…shake…let it go…and show the world exactly what YOU are capable of achieving!


Shaun T is a proud Athlete Ally Ambassador and has taken the pledge to lead by example and welcome everyone into the sporting community. Thousands of athletes, coaches, fans and teams have already signed the pledge to affirm their commitment to uphold the core principle of respect in athletics.


The path of your life

The path of your life

This is deep! Only read if you’re ready to analyze your life for a second…

So, I’m on the train going to visit my little sister. We are going to take her shopping, go to lunch, and then a movie. She’s 15 and super fun and cool. While I sit here and think, “I wonder what her future looks like and what path will she choose in creating her destiny,” I started to think about you guys, my extended family.

If you were looking down a straight road, a road that was called “The path of your life,” how would you go about getting as far down that road as possible? Please answer A, B, or C—or maybe a scenario I haven’t yet imagined. Be mindful, there is no right or wrong answer…


Continue down this road taking no detours. Stay focused with the end in mind and nothing will sway you from dipping onto a side road to see what a detour would have to offer. Really keep your focus to get as far ahead in life as possible with no hurdles.


Take advantage of the side roads. Experiencing the pains and joys of life and finding out what these detours have to offer and how they can help you grow. As you grow, you discover the path back to your main road once you’ve had these experiences. It’s the toughest path because you will have to deal with your inner pains and find your way back—but you get back on track.


Envision a road that offers you comfort and security. It’s not your favorite road or outcome but its comfortable and you can stay focused without having to go too far down the main road. This path offers some success but it stops you from going back to your first focus.

I really want to know what you think. Your answers may reveal more about you than you have previously allowed yourself to discover. So…why do you choose your road?

Twist this!

Twist this!

It’s Sunday (with the ShaunTourage) and we’re in a playful mood. So….we want to play a little game with y’all!

Remember when we were kids and our teachers used to choose a word like “Thanksgiving” or something and they would write it on the board and say, “Ok, class…try to find as many words as you can in the word Thanksgiving, starting with 3 letter words and beyond.” Well, we want to do that with YOU today. So, here is the word….wait for it….wait for it…


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create as many words as possible out of ShaunTourage and post your best effort in the comments. I would write your answers out first on a piece of paper and then when you have exhausted all possibilities, compile it into a comment strand under this post. Creativi-T counts! I’m not saying we’re giving anything away…but I’m not saying we’re not either!

Ready, set, TWIST THIS!!!

Big Brother Breakdown

Big Brother Breakdown

As you may know, I’m a HUGE Big Brother fan…and THIS SEASON IS CRAY-TO-THE-ZEE!!! I’m going to break this down by cast members—name and then my thoughts about them…


Honest, straight-shooter, keeps it real! My favorite to win at this particular time.


BULLY! I hate bullies and now that his alliance is broken he’s being a suck-up. Annoyballs!


Very intelligent. Crafty, sensitive, and I think she has great potential to win all mental challenges!


Patient. A little creepy. Caring! I think he means well.


Extremely negative….she needs a SHAUNTERVENTION! Nuff said!


What a nightmare. Part of the bully pack. Stuck in adolescence!


I think he’s funny. Clueless but probably super cool to hang out with in a bar.


She really needs to find her life! Negative. Part of the bully crowd.


I think she would be great to have an intellectual conversation with. She needs to step up.


Funny, sensitive! I’m waiting to see his game play.


I’m not sure about him. I think he has potential to be a great player but he’s a little close-minded.


Looking for love. Looks lost in life but I think she will find her way. She won’t win!


I like him a lot. Very happy and upbeat. I’m hoping the house doesn’t ruin his positive spirit. Could win the game…


I thought she would annoy me but I would love to go take a yoga class with her. She looks like her sister but I think she is super sweet. Could possibly win the game.

The Truf

I think they need an INSANITY challenge to whoop them into some serious shape. Plus I feel like they need some life motivation. Maybe Julie Chen will have me on as one of the challenges! Haha…

Please be mindful that these are my personal thoughts and opinions and I’d really love to hear and read what you have to say. Let’s get into it!

Shaun T

Shaun T


Shaun T

Announcing the Focus T25 Challenge

Announcing the Focus T25 Challenge

That’s right y’all!!! The OFFICIAL Shaun T Focus T25 challenge is here! We begin August 5th, 2013. STay tuned to Facebook for full details. Who will be in your T25 ShaunTourage as we change the world?



It’s Favorite Things Friday, so today I am sharing one of my favorite games.

I LOVE playing games, and so does Scott. It’s SO fun!

One of my all time favorites is Yahtzee—you know, with the five dice and the cup. I get REALLY competitive too…surprise, surprise. Hmmm, do I use those 6’s for my three-of-a-kind? Ooo, I LIVE!

[blockquote]Treat your challenges like a board game you play to have fun and sharpen your mind.[/blockquote]

What I like best about Yahtzee is that it’s a reflection of life—while luck plays a part, strategy makes all the difference. I welcome challenges and I look forward to facing them. I think of each challenge like an opponent that I must strategically overcome.

This is a mentality I’d like you to adapt in your life. Instead of fearing or dreading challenge, treat it like a board game you play to have fun and sharpen your mind. By playing your challenges like a game, you’ll lower the intimidation factor of stressful situations while forcing yourself to grow and uncover potential and ability within yourself.

What are some of your favorite games that we should give a try?

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson


Thomas Jefferson

The STandards of lost luggage

The STandards of lost luggage

Things are just things. They can be replaced. No one was hurt or suffered any permanent damage, and we are thankful for that. Definitely true. I am SO thankful that everyone I love is happy and healthy. HOWEVER, I am still human, and at the end of the day I AM TICKED OFF! I’m angry, upset, ticked off, and, well, I wish I could curse in this blog…but you know I’m too much of a gentleman to do that, right. Because that s#%! would be BANANAS, YO!

You’re probably wondering what the heck happened. TRUST, I’m about to tell you…

STory time

So, after a LONG week at Beachbody’s Coach Summit, I was so excited to get home and just chill. I get off the plane and go to baggage claim only to find that I am short one bag. I wait till the very last bag comes out…but NOPE…it still ain’t there.

So, I go over to the American Airlines counter and they basically tell me I am S.O.L. (if you aren’t sure what that means, Google it). They make me fill out a claim, which I then have to try to remember what the heck we packed in that bag because in case you don’t know, I have a bit of a sneaker problem and bought a lot of them while we were in Vegas for all the workouts, performances, and events.

So, we rearrange things and move stuff around and do the best we can to recount what we remember was in the bag. At the end of the day, we had to go home without all of our stuff and just hope and pray that somehow, some way, the bag would be recovered.

[blockquote]If you were to accidentally take someone else’s bag—or pick up anything that you later realized wasn’t yours—would you not do the decent human thing and do your best to get it back to its rightful owner?[/blockquote]

Well, guess what? After investigation by the airlines, we finally hear back now that the bag made it on our plane in Vegas, then off our plane at JFK, and it even arrived to baggage claim…BUT…someone picked up our bag, and of course, once they realized it wasn’t theirs, they did the honorable thing and returned it. NOT!

They did NOT return it. DID NOT! I want you to think about that for a minute. If you were to accidentally take someone else’s bag—or pick up anything that you later realized wasn’t yours—would you not do the decent human thing and do your best to get it back to its rightful owner? I mean, really?! Shoot, keep the contents for that matter but return it to the airport so the bag can be returned to its rightful owner.

[blockquote]Things are things and they can be replaced. But when something is taken from you, it’s such a violation![/blockquote]

It seriously saddens me to think that there are people in this world who are not more honest. Yes, things are things and they can be replaced. But when something is taken from you, it’s such a violation! It’s the principle of the matter, and it really shows a breakdown in the human morality chain somewhere.

I trust and believe in you. I know that when faced with a decision you will always choose the moral high road. So, let’s get into it and talk STandards—what are yours and what are you seeing in your world that either inspires you or makes you want to FIX humanity?



Discover your potential. Focus your power. Master your mind.

[blockquote]Be the best YOU that you can possibly be.[/blockquote]

No matter how you put it, a burning desire remains—I want you to DIG DEEP into your soul. I want to counsel you, to help you, to teach and learn from you in our mentorship. I want you to fight to be everything you ever wanted, because you can, and YOU WILL.

I wanted a way to connect with you on a deeper level—to take all the inspiring energy I feel from you and help you DIG DEEPER beyond the workouts. So, the ShaunTourage and I created a live experience like nothing before. After a long time in the making, on September 14, 2013, we’re officially hosting the first SHAUNTERVENTION, a day completely designed around FINDING YOUR LIFE.

[blockquote]SHAUNTERVENTION. The day you find your life and capture your soul.[/blockquote]

So…picture it… September 14th, 2013. Dallas, TX. SHAUNTERVENTION. The day you find your life and capture your soul. This is beyond me training your body—we’re going to focus on fueling your mind and heart. I promise you this is going to be a life shaping experience. From workouts, to motivation, to one-on-one time and interactive journaling, SHAUNTERVENTION will help you realize your destiny.

If you’re ready to take that next STep in life, I want to know…will you join me?

[button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_self” background=”#0ed2e7″]Learn More[/button] [button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_self” background=”#0ed2e7″]Register Now[/button]

Who is Fit and Funky?

Who is Fit and Funky?

Normally, I am never at a loss for words. Matter of fact, there are probably times when people wish I would stop talking so much! Yet, when it came time to sit down and write this blog about myself, I struggled to find my words.

I feel like my life is on display for the most part on social media, so that you probably already know me. But, then again, maybe you don’t. Maybe all you see is Danielle Hinson, Top 10 Beachbody Coach, or maybe Fit and Funky, the girl with the abs on Facebook. Perhaps you know me as the girl from ASYLUM 2 who messes up the ladder. You see me post about INSANITY certifications, and teaching my group exercise classes. You see me rolling with the ShaunTourage and you may wonder how I got there. But…do you really know me?

Let’s see, what can I tell you that you may or may not know. I was born in New York as Danielle Katz and grew up in Titusville, Florida, a small town from which the space shuttle launched. I played the violin all the way through high school and began dancing when I was three years old. I am an only child and my parents moved to Texas shortly after my family relocated out here because they couldn’t be away from my children and me.

Rocky is my favorite movie and the National Anthem makes me cry. I have a degree in elementary education from the University of Central Florida where I worked at the library and performed on the dance team. I love to read and when I was a teacher over summer vacation, I used to read a book day while tanning by the pool.

I have two daughters, Adrianna and Bianca. Adrianna is an AMAZING singer and volleyball player, sensitive and sweet. Bianca is into Harry Potter and dinosaurs and I always joke that she’ll wind up on the show Hoarders one day, as she has never met a paper clip or a crumpled receipt that she didn’t love and want to keep.

[blockquote]…three years ago I was in severe debt.[/blockquote]

I bet you’d be surprised to learn that three years ago I was in severe debt. I would check my bank account before stopping at Chick-fil-a to buy my kids a meal in fear that I would yet again make my account go negative and incur an overdraft fee. Around this time when Team Beachbody entered my life, I couldn’t afford the coach sign-up fee, but for some reason I felt compelled to do this opportunity, even though I knew nothing about it.

Even though I was “fit” at the time, INSANITY changed my life in more ways than I can ever explain. The moment I met Shaun T for the first time—while waiting in line to take a picture with him like an awe-struck fan—I knew we would be friends for life.

Everything that has happened over the past three years has come from hard work and dedication and I am forever thankful for my family which includes my actually family, my friends, my Beachbody team, and of course, The Shauntourage.

[blockquote]I have days that are harder than others. But in the end, I know that I am blessed beyond measure and that where there is rain, a rainbow is quick to follow.[/blockquote]

I think I am often misunderstood. People look at me and think, “she has it easy” or “her life is perfect”—and that is so far from the truth! Nobody’s life is perfect and nothing worth having comes without blood, sweat, and tears. I struggle just like everyone else, but I appreciate the struggle because it makes the reward worth it. I have days that are harder than others. But in the end, I know that I am blessed beyond measure and that where there is rain, a rainbow is quick to follow.

Follow Danielle


How to give it your all

How to give it your all

Did you give your all yesterday?

It’s such a simple question, but one you should ask yourself at the end of each and every day.

There are days when after I reflect I think, I could have given more… I could have done more…

When I feel this way, I make it my goal for tomorrow to be better, to go harder, to truly give everything I have the next day and prove to myself that I am capable of achieving the greatness that lies within me.

[blockquote]I want YOU to believe in your POWER![/blockquote]

The real question is though, do YOU want to give it your all? I bet you do. I can’t imagine you wanting to give anything less than 100% to yourself, because I know your soul craves to be the best you possible!

When I dance or lead a workout, I ALWAYS give it my ALL! Why? Because I love what I do. I absolutely LIVE for it! If you love what you do, you have passion. If you have passion, you have commitment. If you have commitment, you will put all your energy into embracing your potential and DIGGING DEEPER and going for it.

[blockquote]If you love what you do, you have passion. If you have passion, you have commitment. If you have commitment, you will put all your energy into embracing your potential and DIGGING DEEPER.[/blockquote]

So, did you give it your all yesterday? Because today is a new day—it’s YOUR day to exceed your own expectations. I want YOU to tear the roof off your life and realize there’s no ceiling but the big blue sky!

A week to remember

A week to remember

You may have been wondering why I haven’t been posting to the blog this week, so I am happy to report I am back in action! I didn’t forget about you…

We had some technical things that we were working through that I truthfully don’t even understand (that’s not my department)…but it’s all for an improved experience here for YOU! PLUS, life was CRAY last week with it being Beachbody Coach Summit and the release of Focus T25 (lots more awesomeness to follow about this :-)).

Starting today though, FIND YOUR LIFE is back in action, just in time for Favorite Things Fridays.

[blockquote]”My hope is to continue to grow this blog into something truly special—a place that allows you to realize your full potential and to live the ideal life you deserve.”[/blockquote]

With that being said, this blog has truly become one of my favorite things. I LOVE expressing my feelings and thoughts to you and being able to DIG DEEPER than I can on social media. My hope is to continue to grow this blog into something truly special—a place that allows you to realize your full potential and LIVE the life you desire.

So…I want to know—just what is your ideal life? Because TRUST AND BELIEVE each day we are achieving it…together!

How to refocus

How to refocus

When you get tired, this is the best time to take a break and refocus. If you keep pushing when you are tired, your results will only go down, not up.

Think about sports teams—why do you think they take time-outs? The coach sees a necessity to refocus the team. This same principle applies to all aspects of life. When you get tired, call a time-out on yourself! Get yourself together, find your life, and then jump back in the game.

By doing this, you will consistently improve upon yourself and make real, measurable gains which you can happily sustain. Tomorrow, you’ll run faster…GO HIGHER…DIG DEEPER!

Breathe, STRETCH, Shake…

Breathe, STRETCH, Shake…

Breathe, STRETCH, shake…let it go! It’s more than just an awesome song—it’s also a great way to start your day! Don’t just jump out of bed first thing in the morning. Remember…the warm-up is the most important part! I’m talking about the warm-up for your day. Here are a few stretches you can do to STart your day out the right way…



Most people say “ask and you shall receive” but I say REST and you shall receive! Monday motivaSHAUN this week is REST.

[blockquote]REST and you shall receive.[/blockquote]

By resting, you’ll receive the energy, the power, and the refueling you need to get through the week. Don’t let sleep be your enemy…let it be your best friend.

I know one thing—when I don’t get the rest I need, people around me don’t get what they need. And I’m a giving person so, I NEED my rest so that I’m able to perform at my best and support the people who rely on me.

So, be honest with me…do you get as much sleep as you KNOW you should be getting or do you cut corners in the rest department? Be real y’all…if you are not getting sufficient sleep, I want rest to be your primary focus this week.

Every night before bed for the rest of the week, I want you to look at this blog and know that Shaun T is saying sleep well…’cause I know I will!

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Ever since my grandfather died 14 years ago, I had an empty void. I always dreaded Father’s Day. I always looked at it as a loss. Then, I found new hope when my brother became a father. Watching him raise his amazing son (now sons) is SO cool!

However, I’ve always had a void in my heart when this amazing day comes around. My grandfather was so special and fun—a pastor! He was fair, honest, and would give the skin off of his back. Until two years ago, I never thought that void would be filled…until I met Scott’s dad.

[blockquote]Patience is a precious virtue and unconditional love is infinite![/blockquote]

“Big Billy Bear” is what we call him. He possesses the qualities of an angel. This is the kind of guy that will always help you, help you, help you! I could go on and on but the lesson I learn from my father-in-law is that patience is a precious virtue and unconditional love is infinite!

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers—and in those special cases, all the incredible mothers who are fathers out there. And…TRUST AND BELIEVE….you can be an inspiring father to someone who isn’t even your child because just like my Billy Bear, being a father has nothing to do with blood lines and everything to do with unconditional love, support, and fatherly guidance!

Life is like a subway

Life is like a subway

You absolutely never know how things are going to turn out. Every situation is an opportunity and every meeting is a chance encounter that could forever change the course of your life. Let me give you an example…

The other day I was on the subway and this guy started talking to me about my arms. I don’t even think he really knew who I was. He just saw that I was visibly in shape and wanted some tips on making a change.

Anyway, we got to talking and the lady next to us started to chime in on the conversation. So we are all talking about working out and food, and cooking, and so on and so on. By the end of the subway ride, these two people had exchanged information and she was talking about making him dinner. OMG! I want to know how that dinner date goes! What if they were MEANT TO BE and that chance encounter on the subway was the catalyst that set their life together in motion?

I want you to remember that there is reason to be found in everything that happens in life. While you may not always initially see the purpose or know the direction in which you are headed, life has a funny way of sorting itself out in the precise manner in which you need.

[blockquote]Life is like a subway: Next stop…LIVING![/blockquote]

Life is just like a subway. You get on with a destination in mind, but along the way you have unexpected stops and make connections with people you never anticipated meeting. You find new reason in riding your train. Sure, your initial goal was to just get from point A from point B, but when you take the headphones out of your ears and listen, the universe is constantly giving you signs and suggestions about where it wants you to go. All you have to do is remain open and aware, conscious of the amazing power of your thoughts, actions, and reactions to the world around you. You never know what awaits you at your next stop…

If you’ve ever experienced a connection where you just felt it was DESTINED to be, please share it with me below! I LIVE for these stories!


[blockquote]You are HUMAN and there’s no such thing as perfect…BUT…you CAN be the perfect YOU![/blockquote]