028-Clean Your Gut Pt. 1 Abel James

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Today I speak to the creator of The Wild Diet and trainer on My Diet is Better Than Yours, Abel James.

Throughout the TV show’s progression, I got to know The Fat Burning Man himself and learned about his program. Today, he not only discusses “why to go wild” but beyond that to find out more about this creative trainer and some other things that he is passionate about.


So many people have a hard time finding that space that Abel has found for himself. We can continue to talk about diet and nutrition, but what about that passion you have inside to use that extra energy for positivity? Abel has recognized that passion to harness his inner musician, what he calls “unleashing the beast” – which was his outlet for his emotions.


This domesticated world has fundamentally changed how we live including our health. The discussion of “why to go wild” begins with some information on the negative effects of this machine like food industry.


There is an intelligence that comes from the world of the wild, and what Abel thinks of the fresh food of the earth is a clear demonstration of respect for nature. Doctors of Western medicine are constantly contradicting themselves on diet, even saying it has no effect on our diet. But we as a nation are growing in knowledge on finding the right food. At the moment farmer’s markets are popping up all over and we as a nation are beginning to look to the best option!


Make sure you tune in – because for an added bonus – Abel knows exactly how to clean out your gut in only 5 days – and the answers are easier than you think.


Find Abel’s favorite treat recipe at : Fatburningman.com


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