040-Dig Deeper

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DIG DEEPER. Many of you know this as my tag line and some key words of motivation from Shaun T, but did you know the reason behind those two strong words?

Dig deeper goes back years for me, when I was going through a weight loss journey of my own. But trust and believe that those words do not ONLY pertain to your fitness regimen. We have to learn to dig deeper in our every day life because if we don’t, we are just standing still. We are settling. We are not pushing to be the BEST that we can be.

I’m so excited to say that in today’s podcast we introduce a few new segments! One of them being Listener InteractShaun; where I listen in to your voicemails, read your tweets and respond to YOU!  Today we hear a listeners story of being stuck in a toxic relationship and what it took for her to DIG DEEPER and push forward in her own life. Listen in and enjoy!


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