Episode 127 – Selfishness or 90 Burpees?

So if you have been following my social media, you know I just finished my first Spartan Race!  I did the Sprint in Phoenix this past weekend and I learned a lot about myself.  One thing I learned is that I will need to tap into my Selfish Super Power and make time for myself so I can train for the next 2 races (Super and Beast).  This past weekend wasn’t a struggle from an endurance standpoint, but from a training and technique standpoint, but I’m glad in a way that it happened the way it happened because I learned what I need to do!  So sit back and relax as my Soul Brother Todd Midgett (NC Fit Club / Producer) interviews me as we drive home from the race and I talk about how in life, you can always push through whatever obstacles come your way, Trust and Believe!

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