Episode 137 – Taxes, Cookies and Plateaus

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Yep, I recorded this on Tax Day, so what does taxes, cookies and plateaus have in common?  In this episode you’ll find out.  Listen people, I’m gonna warn you now, today’s episode I’m gonna have some real talk with you.  Some of it may be hard to hear, some of it may hit real close to home, but if that’s the case, then you need to hear it more than most.  Today I want to teach you to stop throwing away the investment you make in yourself.  So many of you build yourselves up to this certain point, you hit a plateau and you then you rob yourself of all the time and energy you put into getting there, by turning around and walking BACK!  Not today!  I ain’t the one, and you aren’t either.  Stop giving up on yourself, stop letting somebody else steal the money out of your bank account (you’ll get that when you listen).  Sit back and Trust and Believe in some real talk about taxes, cookies and plateaus.