Episode 152 – Sometimes You Have to Level Up in Life!

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Yes, at the time that this podcast was recorded, there’s a “Level Up” Dance Challenge going around social media, but have you ever really thought about what it means to actually “Level Up”?  So this morning I didn’t start off my day in the best way possible, but I had a choice to make, and the journey that I went on today made me realize how all of us have a decision to make each and every day to “Level Up” in life and decide how we’re going to attack issues and struggles.  Some of you are giving 100% and think you’re failing, not necessarily true!  Today I’m going to share a very real and personal story to back up that sometimes giving 100% doesn’t always look like success but instead is a path to where you are meant to be, and sometimes a simple greeting with a fellow human can effect both of your lives and how you go about that day.  Sit back and Trust and Believe, I’m gonna teach you how to Level UP.

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