Episode 169 – Talk Show Style with Shaun T

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Listen in to the very first ever Trust and Believe LIVE podcast recording, where YOU drive the conversation. This podcast was recorded in a live audience in Miami, Florida. We want to give a major shout out to our sponsors for helping us host the event, check them out!

In this episode, Shaun T talks about how he is constantly motivated by his Grandfather, throughout his life as an entrepreneur, throughout his journey as a fitness motivator, and beyond. Each audience member has an opportunity to sit talk show style, with Shaun T, on a variety of topics such as battling anxiety, overcoming weight loss, tragedies and hardships, solving relationship issues and knowing how to move forward together and more.

To see if Shaun T is visiting a city near you, visit shauntfitness.com/events.

This episode of Trust & Believe with Shaun T, was sponsored by The SafeSpace and Dry Farm Wines.

  • The SafeSpace is a real time space for health, hope, motivation and inspiration, no matter where you are on your life journey, created by Shaun T to help you dig deeper within your inner self. We’ll talk about how to break the yo-yo, instigate change, become more mentally and physically fit and have unstoppable confidence to be a more powerful you. To join The SafeSpace, visit shauntfitness.com/safespace.
  • Thank you to our sponsor, Dry Farm Wines for supporting the show. To try Dry Farm Wines, visit www.dryfarmwines.com/shaunt.