Episode 199 – The Food to Brain to Body Connection with Shawn Stevenson, Host of The Model Health Show

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This episode takes you in the audience at our live LEARN, INSPIRE, TRANSFORM Event, held annually in New York City, featuring Shawn Stevenson, Host of The Model Health Show. Shawn opens up about the beginning of his quest 4 years ago, diagnosed with degenerative bone disease, degenerative disc disease, how he began to gain weight to present day, as host of his podcast which discusses every-single-subject to help support you in having a happy, healthy life.

More specifically, this episode discusses different body types, how to create your optimal blueprint for your body type and how to become more self-aware to create realistic expectations around diet, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle.

Shawn Stevenson is the Host of The Model Health Show, every week for the past few years he releases a new “masterclass” episode diving into a wide range of health-related topics. But Shawn’s show isn’t your average health information that you learned about in school. He takes a deeper dive, beyond the books and uncover the very best health information in the world. And he does it with style, fun, and lots of heart! You can subscribe and download The Model Health Show where you listen to podcasts and you can learn more about Shawn on Instagram at @ShawnModel or on his website at themodelhealthshow.com.

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