Episode 216 – 12 Ways To Stay Committed All Year

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Grab a pen and paper because trust and believe that you CAN stay committed. It can be so easy to begin your journey but keeping that commitment can be difficult without a plan. Today on the Trust and Believe Podcast with Shaun T, Shaun breaks down a 12 step plan to help you stay focused and committed for a year and BEYOND!

Show notes:
3:10 – Do what works for you, not for them!
For Shaun T, when he eats MORE carbs he is MORE ripped so don’t listen to what everyone else is doing and stop trying to keep up with the Jones – do what works for you!
5:48 – Science or self reliance?
7:09 – Do one thing at a time and shorten the goal. Stop putting SO much pressure on yourself to change yourself so quickly. Focus at one thing at a tome and the success will come.
9:21 – Increase your support. We have a challenge group going now, and there are thousands of people helping one another in my dig deeper group.
10:20 – Compete with your mind.
12:04 – Accept change. Don’t throw away those small changes happening right now. Accept it and digest it so you can make it a complete and whole new lifestyle.
13:06 – Know you’re limits, break your limits. Always try to be the best version of yourself. Sometimes we can be limited by things like an injury or time. Do what you can to make the best of what you have and break that so called limitation.
14:46 – Know when it’s too much. You are enough. Your efforts are worth it and they will shine through if you just stay committed! It’s ok to scale back and not completely kill your self over it – find the balance.
16:49 – To scale or not to scale? Some people can get really in their head over a scale and some use it as a great tool. Find out for yourself if you think it is helping your relationship with your body or hurting it.
18:01 – Parties and dinners are fun! Again an important time where balance is so important. You have to live your best life in all aspects. Don’t deprive yourself, enjoy yourself while still staying strong to commit to your goals.
20:32 – Figure out what’s next. Stop looking at the “goal” ex: a wedding, a reunion or a vacation. Continue being healthy BEYOND that – what’s next?
21:57 – Don’t try to be a fitness model unless it’s your job!! If you’re a stay at home parent or have a full time 9-5 job don’t sit there comparing yourself to people who have those extra hours to invest in only their body. It is their job to look good 24/7

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