Episode 217 – How To Crush Social Media By Being Authentic with Brock Johnson

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Today on Trust and Believe Shaun interviews with Co-host of the Build Your Tribe Podcast, Brock Johnson. Brock is a 23-year-old college student-athlete with a passion for helping others create connections and grow their brands using short-form video and storytelling! Through his many ventures as instructor of multiple online courses, viral Tik Tok creator, and a 6-figure online entrepreneur, he has helped thousands learn to build their business, even with limited time and money. Today he gets into the topics of growing your own personal brand through authenticity, and how to effectively use your social platform to grow your audience and most importantly, keeping them.

Show notes:
0:00 – Who is Brock Johnson?
1:25 – How does Brock stay so fearless on social media?
3:27 – How to work through your own transition of not being your authentic self
4:48 – Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the unfollows
9:25 – So, tell us all about TikTok and why should we be using that platform?
13:41 – Being celebrated for being yourself
14:23 – What Brock has taken from being an athlete and how he has applied it to his entrepreneurial life
19:42 – Tools you can use to enhance your business
24:01 – How to know and create for your target audience
28:55 – Three things a side hustler should do to grow their TikTok audience
33:57  – What does Trust and Believe mean to Brock Johnson?

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