Episode 223 – The Importance of Confidence, Support and Truly Loving Yourself; A Journey of Being Transgender with Aidan Destefano

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On this first day of PRIDE month, join Shaun T as he chats with Aidan Destefano, a social media stranger turned friend, as he invites us to walk with him through his journey of being transgender. Aidan tells of his struggles, support and incredible acts of activism he has already put forth at such a young age. After tuning in, you will have a much better understanding and love for the LGBTQ community and compassion for the road they’ve traveled!

Show notes:
1:05 – How Shaun came across Aidan through social
3:20 – Aidan and his story
7:10 – What were some things that helped you learn more about yourself when you realized there were others going through the same struggle with identity
8:23 – Family life and his support at home
12:08- Aidan’s experience in school during and throughout his transition
14:48 – How did Aidan’s transition affect sports
17:22 – The process of the transition
19:25 – How the experience of support opposed to others lack there of opened Aidans eyes and pivoted him to activism and fought for rights in court
21:45 – Dow vs. Boyertown
27:58 – The importance of mental health within the trans community
30:00 – Aidan’s journey with being a missionary
31:52 – Transition surgery
33:14 – Relationships and more
34:45 – What it means to trust and believe in who you are

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