Episode 227 – Listen In: An Honest Conversation About Being Black In America

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This has been a very sad time in America with the recent murder of George Floyd. Although the systematic and racial injustice issues are coming to some people’s attention for the first time, this has been a lifelong issue for black people in America and has been for centuries. To continue on with educating, Shaun invited his two very good friends Erica Vain and Draico Johnson for a webinar listen in to talk about the issues people of color are still struggling with in the world today. For those of you who still do not understand or do not know how to react and genuinely want to put the time in to learn, we are going to dive right in to these uncomfortable situations on what is happening while they share their own personal experiences with racism. It’s time for change.

0:00 – Introduction to the Listen In
1:51 – Introduction to Erica Vain
3:01 – Introduction to Dondraico Johnson
4:53 – Erica’s most recent experience with racism via a hijacked Zoom call
7:55 – Erica’s feelings when she saw the video of George Floyd
8:40 – Shaun’s feelings when he saw the video of George Floyd and memories of his grandfather
11:10 – Draico’s feelings when he saw the video of George Floyd
12:28 – One of Draico’s personal encounter with the police
13:29 – One of Erica’s stories with police in college
16:00 – The conversation between black parents and their kids
19:18 – Being black and having to suppress your emotions due to fear
23:46 – The feelings and experiences when driving and seeing a cop on the road
28:10 – Exposing people to these uncomfortable conversations and having to continuously be strong
32:17 – Building up from oppression
35:38 – Black on Black crime and racial injustice explained
44:15 – The weight of quarantine on top of all of this and how it affects black lives
52:11 – Bringing light into the darkness

For more Black Lives Matter resources and information how to further educate yourself on racism in America visit this article on the Shaun T Life blog