Episode 228 – Listen In: An Honest Conversation On Being Black in America Part 2

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In the final piece of this two part conversation, Shaun, Draico and Erica continue on with educating on the Black Lives Matter movement. They discuss some of the uncomfortable topics such as systematic racism and white privilege while opening the floor to questions from those who are actively working on not only becoming “not racist” but anti-racist.

Show Notes:
00:24 – Shaun noticing white friends speaking up about BLM and how there is finally a shift where people are beginning to speak up
6:09 – Shaun’s conversation with Scott about white privileged because he didn’t exactly know what it was
9:50 – Draico’s experience with lack of ethnicity in the entertainment industry
11:40 – Growing up and experiencing hate if you become successful within their own community
14:24 – Draico is the boy next door and always goes back to where he came from
17:43 – A realization exercise with Shaun
20:09 – Q&A – As these marches continue does that give you hope?
21:45. – My daughter asked my why I haven’t smiled in days. How do you keep from being upset all the time with this knowledge and holding the weight of it all?
25:00 – What’s the best way to check in on my black friends without bombarding them when they may not have the energy to talk about it?
29:11 – What are your thoughts on defunding the police and what do you feel needs to happen for there to be fundamental change in the US?
38:42 – I was raising my children to not see color, and then I read a post that we should see color. I’m now confused on what is right can you explain your thoughts?
45:40 – Final thoughts

For more Black Lives Matter resources and information how to further educate yourself on racism in America visit this article on the Shaun T Life blog