Episode 231 – LOVE IS LOVE

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Today on T&B we are ending Pride Month with a very special guest, Shaun’s husband Scott! They have a conversation on the different experiences in their lives growing up as closeted gay men. It’s Important that even if you are not LGBTQ, you tune in because this episode can help you understand the challenges for someone in your life who is! In order to unify, and to grow we must be open to learning from those who are different from us. After all, LOVE IS LOVE! Happy Pride!

Show notes:
00:00 – Intro
2:45 – Coming out and the courage behind it
5:00 – The year leading up to Scott coming out to his parents
11:00 – People who really love you will always accept you and stand by your side
16:15 – Trying to be liked by everyone
22:05 – Shaun’s experience growing up in church, acceptance, and lack thereof with family
25:40 – Come out for yourself
27:44 – Being Dads to twins and dealing with tantrums
30:24 – What is on thing you have learned being in a same sex parenting relationship that can help Scott’s parents as heterosexual parents
32:55 – How do you keep intimacy strong in a relationship
35:37 – Live outside your comfort zone and live life in color

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