Episode 233 – Hindsight Now with Lewis Howes

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Sometimes you just need to call on a friend for support and Shaun needed that today from Lewis! Their friendly catch up over the hardships in the world today lead to Lewis opening up about some hardships he faced personally. As we all know, challenges and adversity happen to us all, but for people like Lewis, it happens a bit more publicly. With his passion to serve others he shares how he fought through it, and taught himself the power of looking at “hindsight now” to enhance your life.

Meet Lewis:

Lewis Howes is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach and keynote speaker and New York Times Bestselling author of the hit book, The School of Greatness. He hosts a top 100 iTunes ranked podcast, The School of Greatness, which has over 100 million downloads and 1000 episodes since it launched in 2013. Lewis is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur and has been featured on Ellen, The Today Show, The New York Times, People, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, and other major media outlets.

Show notes:
0:24 – Intro
2:16 – A friendly catch up on the world right now, business and family with Lewis Howes
6:19 – Having the uncomfortable BLM conversation as both a white and a black person
11:21 – As a gay man, did Shaun expect people to understand the same way he believes people should understand black people?
14:45 – How can white and black people have a better conversation without being defensive?
19:00 – The unawareness of being around a black friend
24:27 – Lewis helping Shaun kick off his business journey
27:50 – A dynamic shift that publicly happened in Lewis’ life and how he faced those challenges
31:39 – Hindsight NOW
35:20 – Peoples judgement of your own personal life without knowing facts
38:24 – Knowing your truth
39:58 – What’s the best way to navigate through emotional times

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