Episode 235 – 85% Healthy 15% Fun with Joe DiStefano

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On today’s episode Shaun has Joe DiStefano, international speaker, fitness expert, and lifestyle coach talk about  living an 85% healthy 15% fun life. As a trainer, Joe always thought fit and ripped equated to health, until a brain injury changed his definition of health forever. Now, Joe is educating others on his prerequisites for exercise and how connectedness and having a great relationship with yourself is the ultimate goal when trying to be healthy. 

Show notes:

2:40 – Joe and Shaun have something in common – 85% healthy and 15% fun in life

5:30 – Joe’s prerequisite to exercise

10:40 – The head injury that changed Joe’s life and definition of “healthy” forever

22:00 – Let’s talk food

26:00 – Food is so much more than just fuel, it comes with love

27:50 – What is the most nutrient dense food available to you right now?

29:00 –  Digestion’s important role in measuring your nutrition level 

32:00 – Stress and its forms and how it will affect your nutrition

34:30 – Best thing that’s ever happened,  worst thing and most influential person in Joe’s life. 

39:26 – Shaun meeting and falling in love with Scott

40:40 – Life is all about energy 

42:50 – Optimizing vs. Maximizing 

48:00 – What does it mean to trust and believe in who you are?

Meet Joe

Joe DiStefano is an international speaker, fitness expert, entrepreneur and lifestyle coach. During his eight years as Head of Sport and Training at Spartan Race, Joe worked full-time with professional endurance athletes and taught seminars all over the world. Joe is the Founder of RUNGA, an experiential lifestyle brand empowering individuals through highly effective and sustainable practices that fuel health, wellness and performance. His talks and teachings focus on engraining profound mindset shifts, giving audiences the courage and the tools align their actions with their objectives throughout daily life.

After a traumatic brain injury, Joe dedicated his life to finding health again, stopping at nothing to regain his potential. Today, this experience shapes him as a coach and educator, where he believes that removing negatives and environmental detractors is a necessary step before piling on new tools and practices. While the industry is focused on the ‘sweaty and sore’ scale, Joe looks at the ‘health and happiness’ scale as a measure of success with his clients. 

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