Episode 237 – Breaking The Glass Ceiling In Life with Julia Dennison

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Today’s guest is friend and co-host of The We Are Family Podcast, Executive Editor of parents.com, Julia Dennison. Today on T&B Shaun talks to Julia about more than just her expertise on parenting and bringing families together. As a mom herself, Julia opens up to talk all about how she broke through a male dominated industry in the press, co-parenting her 4 year old daughter with her ex like a boss and even how she managed to date through quarantine. Tune in to see how Julia is breaking the glass ceiling in LIFE. 

Julia Dennison Executive Editor at Parents.com and Co-host of the We Are Family Podcast
Show notes:

3:30 – Social media perceptions and how Julia uses the platforms like Instagram and TikTok

8:45 – Julia’s day to day while co parenting a 4 year old

13:00 – Having young kids in quarantine and navigating and enhancing their emotional intelligence from when they are young

20:20 – Julia’s journey of being a woman and breaking the glass ceiling to get to where she is today

28:30 – Managing being a woman in a mans industry 

35:00 – Dating in quarantine

43:30 – What is one of the most empowering things you can say to women out there to continue to go after their goals?

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