Episode 256 – All Your Questions, Answered by Shaun T

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Today Shaun is so excited to talk WITH you on some of the top questions you have for him. Comments and questions come through frequently, so he wanted to take the time to talk through these questions to help you maneuver some uncertain or challenging moments in your life!

Some questions Shaun answered on today’s show:

  • How do you manage your social media? I feel so overwhelmed managing even my smaller following
  • If you’re sidelined with an injury what should you do?
  • How can I stay motivated when I have bad knees?
  • How do you deal with folks who don’t understand your fitness journey?
  • How do you dig deeper when you’re struggling with motivation and you give to everyone else and not yourself?
  • How are you able to silence your mind  to enjoy the here and now?


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