Episode 259 – Knowing When To Bet On Yourself

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No dream is too big! Dayna Bolden is living proof of that. Dayna’s love for beauty, hair and fashion has given her the opportunity to travel the world and inspire women to pursue their own dreams by being their most authentic selves. After years of trying to juggle her corporate 9-5 job with her side hustle, Dayna made the decision to bet on herself and she’s never looked back. Today on Shaun T’s Trust and Believe Podcast, Dayna tells her inspiring story and shows you that you can in fact do anything you set your mind to and that the best bet you can make is on yourself!

Things discussed with Dayna on this episode:
– Where it all began for Dayna after college
– The importance of a supportive spouse when chasing your dreams
– Communication and understanding yours and your spouse’s love language
– How Dayna helps people be their most authentic selves
– Why Dayne feels that inspiring people is her purpose
– If you’re feeling overwhelmed or going through something, it’s okay to take a break and recharge

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