Episode 267 – Being Fit Can Be Messy with The Fit Mess Podcast’s Zach Tucker and Jeremy Grater

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Sometimes in life, men can have a hard time fully expressing their emotions. It can even be frowned upon for men to show too much. Zach Tucker and Jeremy Grater of The Fit Mess Podcast are not afraid to open up about what they are feeling and tackle those feelings head on. On today’s episode they discuss the importance of managing your mental wellness, the importance of a support system and how men can only strengthen their health through vulnerability

Things Shaun discussed with Jeremy and Zach on todays episode:

  • Some methods you can use to get through tough emotional and mental times
  • What to say to people who may discredit meditation
  • Anxiety testing
  • Many people don’t feel like they have mental health support. What to do if you don’t feel supported by others around you. 
  • Knowing your support system and how they can help you through your toughest times
  • Having friends in your life who don’t understand your lifestyle
  • The Fit Mess Podcast and how it came to be 
  • Relying heavily on one’s own vulnerability to be emotionally and physically fit
Follow Zach and Jeremy’s journey and Tune in to The Fit Mess Podcast below!

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