043-Martin Ort Interview

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Going back to where it started, Martin identified his life with playing basketball. Then the summer before his senior year of high school he had ankle surgery which brought on a whole amount of challenges, from his potential future colleges losing interest in him to weight gain and yet ANOTHER surgery on the same ankle, basketball became a thing of the past.

The day to day stressors of life were piling up on Martin leading him to rely on food and relaxation as a constant comfort. Always believing he would get back into the swing of things, months turned into years and before he knew it, 7 years had passed and 80 lbs were gained and he decided it was time to make the change.

He and his wife, Becca decided to commit to the 60 day challenge of INSANITY together because Martin was determined to get that shirt and prove to himself that HE EARNED IT.  Listen in to hear Martin’s inspirational story and follow him through his journey on Instagram and Twitter handle: @mort3205


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