Episode 60 – Julie Voris

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Today’s podcast is a break from the norm, I spent today’s podcast really diving into some issues with my amazing friend Julie Voris, that I think we ALL go through. I want you to pay special attention to what she says and what we talk about, because I hear a lot of you out there struggling with things you’ll hear in her story.  Today’s about getting back to working on you, so that you can be everything you want to be for the rest of the world.

We talk about what it means to dial back in, to taking care of yourself, as well as the “Comparison Game” and how all of us do it….and it’s dumb.  As a matter of fact, after today’s podcast, I invite you to take the Comparison Game Quiz that I gave to Julie and then realize how it gets you no where to compare yourself to others!

I hope to see as many of you as possible in Indiana with Julie and myself.  For more information on the Shaun T Experience in Indiana on February 25th and to get tickets, click HERE.