068 – Did You Change in 2016?

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At the beginning of 2016 I talked about how people feel this is the time to make a change to be a better them. Do not run from the truth. Take time to figure out if these changes are for the better or if they are just digging you into a deeper hole.

Well here we are at the END of 2016 and I’m curious how we did?  What if any changes did you make this year.  What changes are you going to continue to grow in 2017 or what if any did you possibly fail at, and will attempt again in a few weeks.

Do you trust the decisions that are best for you? Do you believe the current space you’re in is allowing you to think clearly and freely?

Think about what it is that YOU want because you can not change for anyone else but yourself. Today I’m going to revisit a podcast we did in January 2016 with my friend Laura and hear her story about how she decided to make the change from being unhappy and overweight to a fitness enthusiast who lost 100 pounds and a lover of life.

If you have ever woke up one day and just felt you had more to offer this world you must understand that YOU DO! Laura felt this way and that was when she made the decision to make a change. She felt broken on the inside which held her back in looking and feeling good on the outside.  In this, she decided to follow her dreams, step out and take away the fear and that pushed her to be the persons she is today.  Coming from Kansas, she was always wondering what else was out there. She knew there was a whole world out there that she wanted a piece of – so, she decided to travel the country in a different style, by couch surfing.  All of the people and places she passed along the way were put there for a reason, taking her to NYC, leading her to become apart of the CIZE test group which changed her life forever and helped her finally reach her all-time weight loss goal.

Listen in to hear a story of true bravery of a woman who’s calling for change lead her to true happiness.

Connect with Laura : @lauradalpini 

Check out #LauraDenRoute to see her journey!