Episode 75 – Shaun T Kicks His OWN @$$

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Yesterday I recorded Scott and I working out to “Pure Cardio” from Insanity.  You may ask “WHY?!?”.  Easiest answer is this, I wanted to show you that, yes, even Shaun T struggles in Shaun T’s workouts, that we’re all human and success is always earned.  It also gave me the chance to reflect on what I was feeling as I experienced what many of you experience when you embark on a new fitness journey, whether it’s my program or not, the feeling of success, failure and struggle is always there and always REAL!

At the end of the workout, I came up with 3 questions you need to ask yourself, if you truly want to be successful in what ever goals you have set for yourself in the New Year.  I believe in you and I’m committed to making 2017, “The Year of Transformation” for you!


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