Episode 84 – Be the “CEO” of Your Life

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So today I sit down with Richard Davis of Hire Power HR.  Richard and I crossed social media paths and once I knew what he was about, I had to have him on the podcast.  Richard works with CEO’s and managers of companies as a consultant and HR resource to help them realize how to bring out the best in their people and make the work environment everything it can be, to be successful.

BUT, as we talked I realized there’s A LOT of parallels between what Richard teaches CEO’s and what YOU can do if you truly become the CEO of your own life.  Think of your tribe of people in your life as though they were employees, how do you treat them and how do they treat you? IF you actually hired and released the people from your life as though your life was “your” company and you needed your life to be successful…would it be?  One of my favorite quotes you’ll hear today “People don’t quit jobs, they quit people”.  Who quits you, or who do you need to let go of?  Sit back and listen and learn how to be the CEO of your LIFE!