037-Haters Pt. 2

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Just like all of you I am extremely saddened by the events in Orlando this past weekend. As a gay man I can sympathize with those people who were in a space that they felt they were safe, and were attacked out of pure hatred. I want to send all the love, respect and positivity to the victims, their families and friends of those who were effected.


Lets get right into what todays podcast is about. Haters. And I am open to talking all about it because I would be lying if I said I have never been there before – I have! The number one reason you create this hatred towards someone is because you don’t know the whole story. We are so quick to judge someone based off of a first impression and it can lead you WAY out of line.

Sometimes these haters infiltrate your life and will bring you down. You have to remember that you can’t change people and that you should never try to. Take a step back and look at the situation you are in with them. Analyze that relationship and ask yourself, how is this person impacting my life and is it in a positive way?

And sometimes we can be the ones guilty of the crime of hating on others. The point is, we simply have to stop judging people. We don’t know what others are going through and pinpointing things about people is not doing you any good it is only letting this hatred into your own life. We take these differences we see in others and hold it against them when we should be admiring that this is what makes us who we are as individuals and that is a beautiful thing.


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