036-Haters Pt. 1

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If you can’t be open to others opinions, this podcast may not be for you. We are always told not to discuss certain topics at the dinner table but today – I just feel the need to touch a few things and really get into it.

At 38 years old I have come to terms with the fact that I simply do not have the time to sweat the small stuff. I’ve realized exactly what things are important or not in my life and whats worth stressing over. So can I ask you why everyone has a problem with how others live their lives? I AM SICK OF THE HATERS!

It is something that we see every single day. People hating on others because their opinions do not align. Listen in today as I get into some touchy subjects such as:

  • The political race
  • North Carolina’s HB2 Law
  • Minority and gay discrimination

Make sure you tune in next week – because part 2 is on the way.

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