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Episode 104 – Season Finale

So we’ve come to the end of this Season on Trust and Believe, but have no fear…I’m not going away and the Podcast will be back!  I’m just going to take a short break so I can focus on the book release and create some new content for all of my Fit Fam that I love so much.  Please reach out with ideas and stories that you want to hear more about and also if you have a story that you think is amazing, I want to hear it!  You never know you might end up as a guest on the next Season of the Podcast!

Episode 103 – Commitment to Everything

You ever have one of those days where you just feel moved and something hits you and you’re like, “I feel like somebody needs to hear this today”….I feel like you need to hear this today.

My schedule has been crazy busy, as is yours I’m sure, and I literally pulled over in my car and recorded this because the message is vital to you creating your road map to what you want.  We all deal with feeling the pressure, in my case I feel like I’m the product sometimes, and you know what…I am.  So are you!  We ALL are the PRODUCT.  We are what the world sees us as.  How does the world see you, what is your product?  Is your motivation coming from what you want and what you know you can achieve? Today I want you to tap into that internal power, I want you to ATTACK your greatness…with your greatness.  Trust and Believe, I got you…let’s create your road map.

Episode 102 – What Are Your 60 WANTS? Pt. 2

So in Part 2 of “What Are Your 60 WANTS?”, I asked your peers, the members of the Fit Fam what their wants were and what was keeping them from achieving them.  It’s so funny how alone we can all feel and how we think we’re sometimes the only ones with the struggles we feel.  Truth is, we all have so many similarities in what we struggle with and what keeps us from getting the “WANTS” in our lives.  Sit back and relax, it’s time to find out how you’re not the only one who struggles with their wants, hear it for yourself and Trust and Believe that you’re not alone.

Episode 101 – What Are Your 60 WANTS? Pt. 1

I did a call at the end of last year with a friend of mine, Tania Baron and her team of Beachbody Coaches and I challenged them to write down their 60 WANTS.  Yes, 60 WANTS.  So it’s been some time and I wanted to follow up with them and see what they came up with and what they learned.

So if I asked YOU the same question, some of you might think, “Shaun I can’t come up with 10 wants!”.  If that’s you, GOOD, let’s work on that!  If you do know what your 60 Wants are then I challenge you with, what are you doing about those wants?  How important are they?  How do you let what you WANT out of life, steer you in the direction you need to go?  Do you give up?  Is your job the job you WANT?  Is your marriage the one you WANT?  Are you willing to put the work in to get what you WANT?  Let’s talk about it, part one of “What Are Your 60 Wants”. Just so you know, I give you some homework to do at the end before you move onto Part 2….let’s Trust and Believe…in what you WANT.

Episode 100 – Spring Cleaning Pt. 2 Revisited

My spring cleaning conversation continues this week and if any point in this life in you find yourself constantly competing with someone – you are on a constant path of LOSS.

I have to say – I never EVER speak only to try to make a point. I am constantly 100% speaking from the core of who I am. I never try to have pointless conversation because I just don’t have the time. I have been through too much pain in my life to try to mask anything and I am sure you have endured your own at some point or another.

But this is about more than that. This is about digging deep and getting rid of the evils of your past that can hold you back. At the end of the day the belief that you can make it to the next second has to be deep within you. I can give you the tools you need to succeed but if there is any doubt in your mind its not going to happen – it wont. SO HOW ARE YOU MOVING FORWARD?

You need to trust yourself that once you have it in your mind you can and will move on to the next level. Because WHO’S STOPPING YOU?! Who is telling you NO? When the past means nothing but the past you will fly because there is no weight holding you down.

The only way to move forward is to heal yourself from those wounds and really pull yourself through. So what are you going to do about it?

Episode 99 – Spring Cleaning Pt. 1 Revisited

I remember two episodes we did a year ago and I wanted to repeat them for those that did hear it and need a reminder and those that are new and never heard it before.  It’s the time of year where you hear a lot about “Spring Cleaning”, well today we’re going to do some “Spring Cleaning for Your Soul”.

Do you have something that takes you to another level? Something that really brings out your passion? For me, that thing is music. It is the one thing that makes me feel as if I am in a whole other world and it genuinely cleanses my soul. What does it mean to have YOUR soul cleansed?

Today I speak to Ross Michaels and Jordan Battiste of Park Avenue Artists about their feelings on music and the journey they believe it takes them on. A journey that is universal yet unique. There is a certain connection people have with the music they chose to listen to. The lyrics and melody can bring something out that their own words may not – and one may find themselves listening to the soundtracks of their lives.

Just as if you were playing your favorite album, you can go through this list of tips we created that if followed, can become the “soundtrack” to your life:

Trust and Believe Spring cleaning for the soul:

  1. Find time for yourself
  2. Separate the chatter
  3. Don’t let people take advantage of you
  4. Find your threshold

Make sure you are not just a yes man. Staying out of that red zone of continuously trying to please others over yourself can not only be exhausting, but you can lose yourself. Even if you have the burning desire to help everyone you need to stay within your zone of giving.

Make sure the insides of your soul stay pure – by your own doing.

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Episode 98 – What is Your FADE TO BLACK Moment?

Who are you….when the lights are off?  Who are you in the inside when and if you’re not pretending to be what everyone else wants you to be?  What if I showed you a little exercise that you can do, called your “Fade to Black Moment” that would allow you to explore that part of you that you may or may not be hiding.  For some of you, it may be the first time you have ever even discovered this part of you, but we all have it.  Sit back and Trust and Believe….and let’s Fade to Black together.

Episode 97 – Are the Odds Stacked Up Because of You?

So today I ask you this; “Are the odds stacked up because of you?”.  Meaning is that thing that you don’t want to deal with, whether it’s weight, an issue with your spouse, whatever it is….are you dealing with it?  Or are you allowing it to grow like mold in your life and letting it continue to fester and cause more and more issues for you?  Today we’re going to examine that and see how much bread you have stuffed in your container.  Sit back and let’s Trust and Believe together people.

Episode 96 – You Are What You THINK!

On today’s episode, we’re going in!  I told you on the last episode, that “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day”, but today we’re going to actually WRITE out your manifesto.  Your daily message to yourself, your promise to yourself….your manifesto to change!  It’s time to figure out…who you are by what you’re currently thinking.  If you actually take the time to listen to this and do the action steps, could change the way you think and in turn will change your life!

Episode 95 – Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Two things about today’s podcast, first I recorded a conversation with Scott about the importance that people put on the number on the scale and how you shouldn’t.  Second, it led me to think about the topic of “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” theory and how A LOT of you out there have lost touch with that concept.  So please sit back and relax….Trust and Believe and let’s rebuild YOU and realize what the finish-line for you really is!

Episode 94 – Coach Tulin is Back!

As we continue to talk about the “Year of Transformation” I wanted to re-visit my conversation with Coach Tulin.  She inspired me in ways I didn’t expect and her story and journey are amazing!  Sit back and relax, and Trust and Believe with Coach Tulin.

Episode 93 – Back to the Beginning

Today, as I reflect on the last 10 years and look back to where I have come from, I wanted to take you back to the beginning of the podcast.  Back to when I first envisioned it and what I wanted to do with it.  It wasn’t called Trust and Believe, it was called “Define Your Life”.  In the very first episode, I started with my story and who I am, so for those that never heard it….sit back and get ready to travel back in time to the very beginning.

Episode 91 – The Best Way to End Your Day

So I need to put a disclaimer on this episode; I’m going to ask you, if possible, to listen to this tonight or before you go to bed, a time when you can be alone and quiet and just listen.  This podcast is about helping you wind down at the end of the day and really get in-tuned with your body and mind and prepare yourself for the next day.  I’m going to walk you through my process of how I shut it down at the end of the day and what I go through in my mind to prepare myself for tomorrow.  Trust and Believe, tomorrow is going to be amazing because of what you do tonight.

Episode 90 – SexyFit Method

Fit Fam! My girl Zlata Sushchik is back!  She’s the host of the SexyFit Podcast at SexyFit.com and I love having her join me.  Today we discuss so many amazing things from “Food Freedom”, to the fact that you “Can’t Get a Brand New Outcome with the Same Old Mindset” and even who you let “On Your Bus” and the community you surround yourself with.  I even asked her to do the motivational close for me today, so you’re going to really enjoy my talk with Zlata…Trust and Believe.

Episode 89 – Listener Interac-Shaun 2/22/17

Today, I revisited an Instagram post where I asked what it was you needed from me to help you on your journey and the responses were amazing.  So today I answered as many of them as I could and will come back to this post again…trust and believe.  Today tho, I talk about how to get started, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, how eating healthy IS NOT expensive and so much more.  Sit back and let’s Trust and Believe in you, a little more today.

Episode 88 – The Chemistry of Insanity with Craig McInnes

Today I sat down with Craig McInnes, a chemist in Ireland who is also part of my “Fit Fam”.  We sat down and had a very deep discussion about how you can take the methods that chemist’s use to discover life-changing drugs and turn those some methods into life-changing approaches in your every day life.  Sit back and relax…it’s time to Trust and Believe in some Chemistry.

Episode 87 – Listener Interact-Shaun 2/15/17

This Wednesday’s “Listener Interac-Shaun” covers several questions from you!  Topics include how to not be cocky, Asylum Vol. 1 vs Asylum Vol. 2, my favorite meal, anxiety, back issues and SO MUCH MORE. Sit back and enjoy….and most of all Trust and Believe in who you are!

Episode 86 – My Superpower is Vibration

Today I sit down with a person who INSPIRES me so much!  His name is DA and he’s hearing impaired…and he’s a dancer and choreographer.  How you ask?  He listens to the music through the vibration!  He’s amazing, his determination, will to succeed and his plans for his future will leave you asking yourself, “Am I making the most of what I have?”.  Sit back and hopefully be inspired to Trust and Believe in yourself more after today.

Episode 85 – Listener Interac-Shaun 2/8/17

Today I’m starting a series of Wednesday Podcasts where I answer YOUR questions from social media and help you with whatever it is, you seem to be struggling with or just want to know.  In today’s Episode we talk about plateaus, modifications, back fat and so much more!  Sit back, it’s time to Trust and Believe!

Episode 84 – Be the “CEO” of Your Life

So today I sit down with Richard Davis of Hire Power HR.  Richard and I crossed social media paths and once I knew what he was about, I had to have him on the podcast.  Richard works with CEO’s and managers of companies as a consultant and HR resource to help them realize how to bring out the best in their people and make the work environment everything it can be, to be successful.

BUT, as we talked I realized there’s A LOT of parallels between what Richard teaches CEO’s and what YOU can do if you truly become the CEO of your own life.  Think of your tribe of people in your life as though they were employees, how do you treat them and how do they treat you? IF you actually hired and released the people from your life as though your life was “your” company and you needed your life to be successful…would it be?  One of my favorite quotes you’ll hear today “People don’t quit jobs, they quit people”.  Who quits you, or who do you need to let go of?  Sit back and listen and learn how to be the CEO of your LIFE!

Episode 82 – Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Today I sat down with an AMAZING woman, who I’ve known since we both got into dancing and fitness back in the day.  Her story is so amazing to me because she’s living proof that you should never assume anything about anybody, much less YOURSELF!  We talk about how age is just a number, how to find your inner SWAG and how just showing up in life can make the biggest impact on just one person. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Allison Lilly.

Episode 81 – I’m Not Drinking Til I’m 40!

So for those that don’t know, I’ve decided to NOT drink alcohol again til I’m 40.  Why?  Well that’s the reason for today’s podcast.  It started a conversation about social pressure, why we feel the need to drink and how if you feel the need to do things, in social situations, just to do them….don’t!  We’ll discuss the theory of testing your inner strength and being ok with what ever decision you decide is right for you when it comes to any social peer pressure.

Episode 80 – LIVE from Charlotte NC

Last weekend I had the privilege of hanging out, dancing and sweating with several hundred of my Fit Fam!  Every event we do, we have a Q&A where you guys can ask me anything, my only rule…be ready for the answer!

We talked about everything from my past with sexual abuse, to supporting people who may not be ready to be supported and much more.  Sit back and enjoy, Shaun T live from Charlotte.

Episode 79 – Tough Trainer Alert

It’s the middle of January, where are you in your New Year’s Resolutions?  This is the time where MOST people QUIT!!!  Have you quit already?  WHY?  Today I want to address the excuses that we all hear and say and help you see those excuses for what they are…worthless words that we allow to stop us from succeeding!

Episode 78 – Dodging Drama in a World Gone Mad!

Today I interview our friend Johnny Dominguez, author of the book “Dodging Drama in a World Gone Mad”.  I read this book and was blown away!  It was written for kids, but ADULTS need to read this!  We talk about the society of bullying, what causes it and why some of us do it without even realizing we do.  There’s so many forms of bullying and drama, today we talk about how to fix it and avoid it!

Episode 77 – Learn to Let GO!

I received a text from someone recently talking about how “so and so” had a beef with “so and so” and how they were being shady on Social Media, etc etc etc…..It’s DUMB!

But it got me thinking and it led to this conversation between Scott and I about how, if you don’t want me in your life…..I’M OK WITH THAT!

Today, I want to help you understand how negativity and positivity effect your life and how to LET…IT….GO!!!! Bye FELICIA!

Episode 76 – Pregnant Hip Hop Dancer Married to a Country Singer, That’s LIVING!

So this Sunday, I sit down with @criscilla and @coffeyanderson to talk about dancing while 9 months pregnant, being a country singer of color and how to make a marriage unit continue to thrive! You are gonna love it!  Pay attention, take notes and apply what you hear from these two amazing people.

Episode 75 – Shaun T Kicks His OWN @$$

Yesterday I recorded Scott and I working out to “Pure Cardio” from Insanity.  You may ask “WHY?!?”.  Easiest answer is this, I wanted to show you that, yes, even Shaun T struggles in Shaun T’s workouts, that we’re all human and success is always earned.  It also gave me the chance to reflect on what I was feeling as I experienced what many of you experience when you embark on a new fitness journey, whether it’s my program or not, the feeling of success, failure and struggle is always there and always REAL!

At the end of the workout, I came up with 3 questions you need to ask yourself, if you truly want to be successful in what ever goals you have set for yourself in the New Year.  I believe in you and I’m committed to making 2017, “The Year of Transformation” for you!


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