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Finally a place for you to DIG DEEPER! The Free membership provides you with free 5 minute workouts and weekly challenges to enhance your Transformation. If you’re ready to take your mind and body to PEAK condition with workouts, NUTRITION, DAILY MOTIVATION, downloadable GUIDES, SHAUN TV, BEHIND THE SCENES footage from Shaun T’s life, support from the FIT FAM community, Shaun T’s TRAINING CAMP and exclusive up close and personal content, then you’re ready for the premium membership – THE TRANSFORMATION ACADEMY!


Continue with a free membership to receive:

  • Free Workouts
    5 Minute workouts you can use to supplement your current workout routine
  • Weekly Challenges
    A physical or mental challenge to push you out of your comfort zone


All the Free stuff, PLUS these EXCLUSIVES:

  • Nutrition
    Tips and guides to help you learn how to eat to fuel your body
  • Shaun TV
    “Shaun T and….” webisodes along with other exclusive productions
  • Fit Fam Community
    Support from others like you going thru their own journey!
  • Shaun T Training Camp
    A 30-day program with daily challenges to help transform your life!
$9.99/mo (Month-to-Month)


$99/yr (discounted annual rate)