028-Shauntervention CT

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This year, we brought ShaunTervention to Mohegan Sun in Conneticuit and it was our biggest one yet! I got the pleasure to spend the day with over a thousand people who decided they wanted to take the time to invest in themselves through the motivation of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with Shaun T.


I love seeing so many of you and how I get to really LIVE in that space with you.  Whether it was your first live event with me or your tenth, every single one of you gave me 100% and the energy in the room was AMAZING!


Within the show, I take an hour to have a conversation with you all and to answer some questions you may have for me – and this session was one for the books!


Listen in to feel that incredible energy in the room as we get into some things:

  • Plateau’s – and how WONDERFUL they actually are.
  • A women’s speedy recovery after having a brain tumor and how she had INSANITY to thank for it.
  • My personal Janet Jackson story.
  • Dancing and what my favorite move is – ever.
  • A romantic moment happens in front of our very eyes.


And I answer a question many of you want to hear the answer to; What is my current relationship with Beachbody?