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The Holiday Edge: Workouts & Food Guide

I know it can be challenging to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals during the holidays, so…Shaun T is here to help! Throughout the month of December, I’ll be leading you through daily 1-minute bonus workouts to give you the edge on the holidays!

Bookmark this page and subscribe to my YouTube channel for your daily 60 second workout + food tip of the day to help you THRIVE into the new year!

Simply do the following workouts IN ADDITION to your current routine. If you are doing T25, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE bonus workouts in addition to T25… If you are doing INSANITY, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE routines in addition to your INSANITY workout of the day… If you are riding the couch, then completing #THEHOLIDAYEDGE workout each day is progress in itself!

If YOU are ready to get the edge on 2014, click on the links below to get started…

Videos and Content

  1. Cardio & Coconut Oil

  2. Core & Avocado

  3. Strength & Kale

  4. Cardio & Eggs

  5. Core & Dark Chocolate

  6. Strength & Sweet Potato

  7. Cardio & Grass-Fed Beef

  8. Strength & Watercress

  9. Cardio & Parsnips

  10. Cardio & Macadamia Nuts

  11. Core Strength & Beets

  12. Core & Wild Salmon

  13. Cardio & Nut Butter

  14. Bodyweight Strength & Berries

  15. Cardio & Spaghetti Squash

Announcing the Focus T25 Challenge

That’s right y’all!!! The OFFICIAL Shaun T Focus T25 challenge is here! We begin August 5th, 2013. STay tuned to Facebook for full details. Who will be in your T25 ShaunTourage as we change the world?

A week to remember

You may have been wondering why I haven’t been posting to the blog this week, so I am happy to report I am back in action! I didn’t forget about you…

We had some technical things that we were working through that I truthfully don’t even understand (that’s not my department)…but it’s all for an improved experience here for YOU! PLUS, life was CRAY last week with it being Beachbody Coach Summit and the release of Focus T25 (lots more awesomeness to follow about this :-)).

Starting today though, FIND YOUR LIFE is back in action, just in time for Favorite Things Fridays.

[blockquote]”My hope is to continue to grow this blog into something truly special—a place that allows you to realize your full potential and to live the ideal life you deserve.”[/blockquote]

With that being said, this blog has truly become one of my favorite things. I LOVE expressing my feelings and thoughts to you and being able to DIG DEEPER than I can on social media. My hope is to continue to grow this blog into something truly special—a place that allows you to realize your full potential and LIVE the life you desire.

So…I want to know—just what is your ideal life? Because TRUST AND BELIEVE each day we are achieving it…together!