Episode 1

Shaun T’s Transformation Center

Episode 1

Welcome to the Transformation Center! Shaun T invites some of his fit fam to help him create the next Shaun T program for Shaun Week – INSANE FOCUS. Come along the journey to meet some of the transformers and cast members of Shaun Week and see how much family had to do with their overall transformation.

Episode 2

We all know the transformation center is a place to live your truth, trust and transparency. Tune in to this weeks episode to watch as four very different people live through those words to reach their life’s major transformation.

Episode 3

Passion, power and persistence. Three words which were needed for these three transformers to master their mindset and tell themselves they COULD and they WOULD reach their goals. The weekend at the transformation center is complete as Shaun finalizes INSANE FOCUS with the group.