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The Holiday Edge: Workouts & Food Guide

I know it can be challenging to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals during the holidays, so…Shaun T is here to help! Throughout the month of December, I’ll be leading you through daily 1-minute bonus workouts to give you the edge on the holidays!

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Simply do the following workouts IN ADDITION to your current routine. If you are doing T25, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE bonus workouts in addition to T25… If you are doing INSANITY, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE routines in addition to your INSANITY workout of the day… If you are riding the couch, then completing #THEHOLIDAYEDGE workout each day is progress in itself!

If YOU are ready to get the edge on 2014, click on the links below to get started…

Videos and Content

  1. Cardio & Coconut Oil

  2. Core & Avocado

  3. Strength & Kale

  4. Cardio & Eggs

  5. Core & Dark Chocolate

  6. Strength & Sweet Potato

  7. Cardio & Grass-Fed Beef

  8. Strength & Watercress

  9. Cardio & Parsnips

  10. Cardio & Macadamia Nuts

  11. Core Strength & Beets

  12. Core & Wild Salmon

  13. Cardio & Nut Butter

  14. Bodyweight Strength & Berries

  15. Cardio & Spaghetti Squash

Announcing The Holiday Edge challenge!

Welcome to the official kickoff of #THEHOLIDAYEDGE challenge! I know the holidays can be challenging to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals, so…Shaun T is here to help!

During the month of December, I’ll be leading you through a daily 1 minute bonus workout to give you that edge on the holidays. Monday-Friday I will post a video of your 60 second workout + food tip of the day to help you THRIVE into the new year!

These workouts are to be done in addition to your current routine!

So, if you are doing T25, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE bonus workouts in addition to T25…

If you are doing INSANITY, then do #THEHOLIDAYEDGE bonus workouts in addition to your INSANITY workout of the day…

If you are riding the couch, then completing #THEHOLIDAYEDGE workout of the day is progress in itself!

CLICK HERE if YOU are ready to join me in getting the edge on 2014!!!

Check yo’ squat

Let’s get specific today on training with T—let’s talk about your squat form. Squats are such a great, functional exercise, which is one of the reasons you can find them mixed in throughout my programs…but…it’s also one move that is done with improper form most often. Here are a few checkpoints for you to focus on:

  1. Your toes are facing forward
  2. Your legs are hip distance apart
  3. Your weight is in your heels, and your heels are on the floor. You should be able to slightly lift your toes
  4. Your chest is up and your back is flat, not rounded.

Now, I want you to go look in the mirror at yourself in squat position and check to see if you have good form. How’s it look?

Best shoes for INSANITY and T25

There’s a lot of hype behind shoe designs lately and one of the questions I get asked the most is what kind of shoes you should wear for programs like INSANITY and T25. So, for Train with T Tuesday, let’s talk shoes!

I have SUUUUUPER flat feet—like no arch at all! So shoes can really HURT my feet. Like BAD. That’s why I actually do INSANITY and T25 barefoot when I’m at home (well, usually in some fly a$$ socks, but you get the point). When I go barefoot during these workouts, my feet are able to perform and move naturally, allowing me to move and pivot in all directions.

When I go barefoot during these workouts, my feet are able to perform and move naturally, allowing me to move and pivot in all directions.

But since we can’t always go barefoot, which shoes should YOU be wearing to DIG DEEPER?

Well, you want a shoe that is pretty flat. Some people call this “minimal” but all I mean is that the shoes don’t really have a big drop from heel to toe or a lot of cushioning. These shoes will mimic the human foot and allow you to handle all the different movements and drills that we do in INSANITY.

To really get into it though, I feel like first we need to talk about which shoes you should NOT be wearing…

What shoes should you NOT wear?

Most people assume that the best shoes for INSANITY would be cushioned shoes, like you’d typically wear for running—BUT these are actually something you want to avoid for this sort of training. Running shoes really aren’t appropriate for doing INSANITY type workouts. They’re really designed for forward motion only and the cushioning is meant to absorb the shock of impact when your foot strikes the pavement. When doing plyometrics, that extra cushioning doesn’t allow you to land properly and can potentially cause knee and ankle injury from instability.

When doing plyometrics, that extra cushioning doesn’t allow you to land properly and can potentially cause knee and ankle injury.

The best INSANITY shoes

The shoes I recommend are going to be a cross-training shoe or a “minimalist shoe” since they are designed for lateral movement. There are tons of brands out there these days, so do some looking around and TRY THEM ON and MOVE!

One that I found that works really well for me is a pair of the Reebok CrossFit models. They were some of the first shoes I ever found that didn’t hurt my feet. I’m not endorsing them or saying they’re the best INSANITY shoe out there for everyone, I’m just saying that they happen to work really well for my flat feet and exhibit the traits of a shoe that I’d recommend for these programs—flat, close to the ground, allowing you to move and pivot like the human foot would allow.

YOU guys have an INSANE amount of first hand experience though, so I want to know what YOU are wearing. So, tell me—what shoes have YOU found to be best and WHY do you recommend them for others and me to try?

Announcing the Focus T25 Challenge

That’s right y’all!!! The OFFICIAL Shaun T Focus T25 challenge is here! We begin August 5th, 2013. STay tuned to Facebook for full details. Who will be in your T25 ShaunTourage as we change the world?

Breathe, STRETCH, Shake…

Breathe, STRETCH, shake…let it go! It’s more than just an awesome song—it’s also a great way to start your day! Don’t just jump out of bed first thing in the morning. Remember…the warm-up is the most important part! I’m talking about the warm-up for your day. Here are a few stretches you can do to STart your day out the right way…

Dig deeper, run faster

I asked you on social media if using my programs like INSANITY or INSANITY: THE ASYLUM have helped you become a better runner, because so many of you are always telling me that it has helped you improve.

I loved reading your answers because there were so many different views and opinions on how it has helped you! There is one reason though that I want to touch on today for “Train with T Tuesday“— INSANITY - Max Interval Training

As you may or may not know, this is the training principle behind INSANITY. This method is super effective because I specifically call on you to train for longer work periods with shorter recovery times. When you train this way, your heart health improves and so does your lung capacity. So when transitioning to a steady state activity like running, your body is able to adapt much quicker and experience even better gains…even though you’re not technically “running.”

[blockquote]Put it to the test![/blockquote]

Don’t believe me though…I dare you to try it! Go for a run and time it. Record that number. Then, do INSANITY or ASYLUM (or join us in the HIPSYLUM challenge) and after you graduate, go for that same run and see if your time improves. More importantly, see if you FEEL better doing it!

If you’ve experienced an improvement in running from Max Interval Training, please leave a comment and share it below, because nothing motivates someone more than real life testimonials. I can talk about it till I’m blue in the face but when YOU experience it first hand, then you understand why we DIG DEEPER to run faster!

Shaun T Birthday Contest after photos

Today kicks off ShaunTourage Sundays here on the blog, where each Sunday I’m going to be taking a recovery day and the ShaunTourage is going to be taking over and kickin’ it with y’all!

To mark the new Sunday jump off, I thought I’d post the ShaunTourage’s official INSANITY after photos from 60 days of the Shaun T Birthday Challenge! I’m so proud of my team! They dug ALL the way deep with you guys and motivated me to EAT this challenge. Thanks again to everyone for committing and giving your best for the last 60 days!

So…any burning questions or topics you guys would like the ShaunTourage to hit on here moving forward? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Core stability training

A lot of people don’t know how to focus on their core. It’s really tough if you don’t know what I mean or if you’re not doing a crunch and “feeling the burn” in your abs. So, here is an exercise to get you ready for engaging your core appropriately in your next workout.

[blockquote]Punch yourself in the stomach![/blockquote]

“What Shaun? Did you really say that?

Yup! I did!

The natural reaction of the body’s defense system is to tighten when someone tries to drill you in your core. Now it’s time to act like King Kong—but instead of pounding on your chest, pound on your core! Do this for 20 seconds, 5 times, with a 10 second rest in between. I know it sounds crazy but when you do your next workout, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say, “keep your core engaged!”


Hip Hop Abs/The ASYLUM Vol. 1 Mashup

We officially kicked off the the HIPSYLUM challenge over on Facebook yesterday and today I’m droppin’ our official PDF calendar for you guys to download and follow along for the 30 days…which I’m seriously diggin’ by the way! When Darren and Danielle sent over the final design to me I got even more excited to EAT this challenge!!! MAN I LOVE MY TEAM!

What it is

HIPSYLUM is a hybrid created to help you not only look better but to feel and perform at a new level of YOU! So, as you tackle the next 30 days of this challenge, here’s what I want you to remember:

[blockquote]You’re not doing this to LOOK better—you’re committing to yourself to FEEL better![/blockquote]

The amazing bonus is that your body’s going to get leaner…tighter…stronger…but what really matters is that I KNOW for a fact that by completing 30 days of HIPSYLUM, you WILL develop new strength in your mind, body, and soul!

So who’s ready to build some frickin’ CONFIDENCE with ASYLUM Strength today?!?!

[x_button shape=”square” size=”large” float=”none” href=”/media/docs/Shaun-T-HIPSYLUM-calendar.pdf” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]HIPSYLUM CALENDAR (PDF)[/x_button]