Announcing The Holiday Edge challenge!

Shaun T Fitness

Welcome to the official kickoff of #THEHOLIDAYEDGE challenge! I know the holidays can be challenging to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals, so during the month of December, I will be leading you through a daily 1 minute bonus workout to give you that edge on the holidays. Monday-Friday I will post a video of your 60 second workout + food tip of the day to help you THRIVE into the new year!

Shaun T Squats

Check yo’ squat

Shaun T Fitness

Let’s get specific today on training with T—let’s talk about your squat form. Squats are such a great, functional exercise, which is one of the reasons you can find them mixed in throughout my programs…but…it’s also one move that is done with improper form most often. Here are a few checkpoints for you to focus on: Your toes are facing …

Shaun T - INSANITY: The Asylum

Dig deeper, run faster

Shaun T Fitness

I asked you on social media if using my programs like INSANITY or INSANITY: THE ASYLUM have helped you become a better runner, because so many of you are always telling me that it has helped you improve. I loved reading your answers because there were so many different views and opinions on how it has helped you! There is …

Shaun T - Lettuce Abs

Core stability training

Shaun T Fitness

A lot of people don’t know how to focus on their core. It’s really tough if you don’t know what I mean or if you’re not doing a crunch and “feeling the burn” in your abs. So, here is an exercise to get you ready for engaging your core appropriately in your next workout. “What Shaun? Did you really say …