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Episode 127 – Selfishness or 90 Burpees?

So if you have been following my social media, you know I just finished my first Spartan Race!  I did the Sprint in Phoenix this past weekend and I learned a lot about myself.  One thing I learned is that I will need to tap into my Selfish Super Power and make time for myself so I can train for the next 2 races (Super and Beast).  This past weekend wasn’t a struggle from an endurance standpoint, but from a training and technique standpoint, but I’m glad in a way that it happened the way it happened because I learned what I need to do!  So sit back and relax as my Soul Brother Todd Midgett (NC Fit Club / Producer) interviews me as we drive home from the race and I talk about how in life, you can always push through whatever obstacles come your way, Trust and Believe!

Episode 126 – Do You Trust and Believe in Yourself?

So this weekend I was thinking back to when I changed the name of  the podcast from “Define Your Life” to “Trust and Believe” and I remembered why I did it.  It was because too many people didn’t know, how to truly TRUST in themselves and BELIEVE that they are capable of living the life they want to live!  So today, I’m taking you back to the September of 2016, when I launched this podcast and I want you to sit back and relax….and let’s learn, maybe for the first time, or maybe as a refresher course for some of you out there….how to Trust and Believe in who you are!

Episode 125 – Want-Nation

Have you ever felt yourself doing things because other wanted you to or because others were doing it, so you thought, “Ok, I’ll do it too!”?  STOP! Today I’m going to teach you to do things because you WANT to, so that you can do things for the long-term goal and live a life of REAL change and sustainability.  Today we discover what “Want-Nation” is and the difference between that and “Run-Nation”. Trust and Believe, you’re about to join the “Want-Nation”.

Episode 124 – Find Your Way

So here we are, halfway through January 2018, I’m touring the country on my Shaun T Transforms America Tour and meeting all of you amazing people in my Fit Fam, and I wondered….are you finding your way?  Are you learning from your mistakes?  Do you realize the role you play in your daily journey and choices?  Are you a statue in the middle of a city with life all around you, good and bad, and you can’t do anything to participate in it?  Today, let’s Trust and Believe that I want you to find your way!

Episode 123 – Have You Ever Had the Feeling?

In today’s episode, I wonder “Have you ever had the feeling?”. I don’t know what the feeling is for you, because it’s different for every person, I mean I can tell you what I think the feeling is, but it’s really up to you and what you’re going through at the moment that decides what the feeling is.  Today let’s talk about that feeling and lighting the past and the negative on fire! Trust and Believe, I got you.

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Episode 122 – In 2018, Be a Good Human!

As we enter the New Year, I just want you to think about being a GOOD HUMAN! It’s not hard! It’s so easy to be a bad human, but what we don’t sometimes realize is how negative things we do have a ripple effect and impact others in ways we may not even realize.  Being a GOOD HUMAN means making a conscious effort to do simple things that send positive ripples through your environment and out in the world.  Trust and Believe, 2018 is the year for you to be a GOOD HUMAN.

Episode 121 – You Already Know!

So now that we’re home with the boys, this week for the Podcast, I had my Soul Brother Todd Midgett (aka @ncfitclub) interview me on life as a new Dad and what it’s like now that we’re home.  I had no idea what he’d ask me, but we covered a lot!  Everything from what people think of same-sex parents, to what quality I want to make sure I pass on to my sons.  Sit back and Trust and Believe, you already know!

Episode 120 – Being Naked

In this Episode, I interview several people, including my Soul Brother Todd Midgett @NCFitClub, about insecurities and the fear of being naked.  It’s interesting, the things we come up with in our head about our own body image issues and how it affects how we see ourselves.  So sit back and relax and Trust and Believe in the power of embracing being naked.

Episode 119 – The Last 70 Meters

So we are at the end of 2017 and a lot of you may feel amazing about where you are and what you accomplished this year, some of you may not.  Some of you may already be looking at 2018 as the year of redemption and change.  Whatever your situation, every challenge you face, whether it’s your fitness journey, your marriage, your kids, it will always come down to the last 70 meters of the race.  That’s what I learned from my days running track and I’ve applied it to my life ever since.  So sit back and Trust and Believe, I’m about to coach you through the last 70 meters.

Episode 118 – Celebrating 365 Days of Sobriety

In today’s episode, I sit down with a group of friends and discuss why I decided to not drink until I turn 40, in addition we discuss why people make the choices they make.  Why are people afraid to make the change that they know they need?  Why do people stay in a comfortable spot when they know they’re not happy?  We discuss this and more, sit back and relax and let’s have a real conversation about the lane you may be stuck in and see if we can’t help you change lanes.  Trust and Believe you have the Super Power to be selfish and make the change that you need.

Episode 117 – Why I’ll Never Argue in Front of My Kids

In today’s episode, I tell a story from my childhood that explains why it’s never “the thing, it’s the thing” and ultimately why I won’t argue in front of my kids or be a red light in their life.  Sit back and relax and Trust and Believe in what your red light is in your life and let’s work on it!  Let’s find your super power in your backpack.

Episode 116 – Twinsanity!

Fit Fam, it happened!  Scott and I are Dads!  It’s been the longest 5 years of our lives, so many trials and tribulations, so many up’s and down’s, but it finally happened!  It didn’t happen the way we thought it was going to or when we thought it was going to, but it happened the way it was supposed to.

So sit back and relax, while Scott and I take you on the journey (with actual audio of the births!) of how we welcomed our sons into the world!

Episode 115 – Shaun T vs Shaun T, the Battle of My Split Personalities

Even Shaun T, needs a little Shaun T…and sometimes Shaun T needs to take a back seat to let Shaun be Shaun.  We all go through life being different people, depending on the situation, but do you really know who you are and are you authentic to yourself when the lights are out and nobody’s around?  On this Episode of Trust and Believe, I’ll share my split personalities with you in hopes that you may figure out your own.


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Episode 114 – T is For Transformation

In this episode of Trust and Believe, I sat down with my good friend Jessica Nelson from the Dare to Dream Team of Beachbody Coaches and she interviewed me about my book and life and why I wrote it.  We also dive into what you will get from the book and why you have to be in charge of your Transformation!  Sit back and relax…it’s time to Trust and Believe!


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Episode 113 – Why I Find Mannequins Sexy!

Yes, you read the title right, I love nothing more than to be walking down the street outside of a store and see a mannequin in the window, the reaction I get it is deeper than you realize.  Sit back and Trust and Believe in my sexy mannequin theory.
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Episode 112 – You Just Broke Up? CONGRATULATIONS!

I was talking to my neighbor one day and he told me they were selling their house, I asked why?  He said he and his wife were splitting up, I said, “CONGRATULATIONS!”

Some of you may be like, “Shaun that’s horrible!”.  Is it?  Really? What if a break up was the best thing that ever happened to you?  Let’s talk about it…Trust and Believe, I’m about to show you why it could be.


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Episode 111 – The Main Reason I Would NEVER Want an STD!

Yes, you read the title correct.  If you’re under 18, DO NOT listen without your parents permission.  Have you ever done something in your life that you were like “I’ll NEVER do that again!!!”, we all have! Did it change you?  Did it stop you from making the same mistake again?  Who would have thought you could learn a lesson about Life from a story about an STD?  Trust and Believe you can.  Sit back and listen to why I NEVER want an STD.


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Episode 110 – You’re Not Supposed to Ride With Everybody!

This week, I want to talk about the feeling that several of us carry through life, where we feel like we have to “ride with everybody”.  Every one we meet doesn’t have our best interest at heart and can often distract us from our destination.  So today, sit back, relax and Trust and Believe in who you’re riding with from this moment on.


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Episode 109 – Is It Shady A.F. to Love Yourself?

Is it SHADY A.F. to love yourself?!?!  The answer is NO and this week ladies and gentlemen….I’m going to challenge you, I’m going to PUSH you to LOVE yourself!  I want you to walk in the room like you own it, like you’re the the F’n reason.  I don’t want you to think you’re better than everyone else, but I want you to own who you are.  Sit back and Trust and Believe, I’m going in on you loving yourself.


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Episode 108 – Collateral Beauty

The new season of the Podcast is here!  I couldn’t think of a better way to start off this season then with the story of my Grandfather and how much he influenced me in my life.  In this episode, I want to take you back to a time when I was “Shauny” and how now, I understand that I wasn’t “made to worry” and I “wasn’t made to fear!”  Sit back and get ready to Trust and Believe in Collateral Beauty.

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Episode 107 – Anxiety is a Real Thing

Hey Fit Fam! Hope you’re enjoying your summer, so I’m going to continue to post some interviews and fun stuff here and there to get you through the summer as we prepare for the new season of the podcast and this week I’m posting a call I did with one of your fellow Fit Family members Stephanie who was in my Shaun Week Challenge Group.  We talked about being a stay-at-home mom, her anxiety, working out and she asked me a REALLY good question at the end!  Sit back and relax…and Trust and Believe.

Episode 106 – Meet the Cast of Shaun Week

As we come off the launch of Shaun Week, I wanted you to hear from the “Motivational Inspirers”, yes I made that up, who I picked to be on set with me.  They all have a story that relates to how I know them and I picked them for a reason.  I wanted a cast that I could feed off of and that I knew were connected to me and what it was I wanted to put out there for you, so that when you did the Shaun Week workouts, you felt like you were on your own personal journey with us.  Now, meet the cast!

Episode 105 – A Conversation About the Making of Shaun Week

So during our summer break, I still want to put some podcasts out there for you, my Fit Fam, and this was a call I did recently with Danielle from Fit and Funky where I talked to her team about the creation of Shaun Week, what you can expect and much more.

Episode 104 – Season Finale

So we’ve come to the end of this Season on Trust and Believe, but have no fear…I’m not going away and the Podcast will be back!  I’m just going to take a short break so I can focus on the book release and create some new content for all of my Fit Fam that I love so much.  Please reach out with ideas and stories that you want to hear more about and also if you have a story that you think is amazing, I want to hear it!  You never know you might end up as a guest on the next Season of the Podcast!

Episode 103 – Commitment to Everything

You ever have one of those days where you just feel moved and something hits you and you’re like, “I feel like somebody needs to hear this today”….I feel like you need to hear this today.

My schedule has been crazy busy, as is yours I’m sure, and I literally pulled over in my car and recorded this because the message is vital to you creating your road map to what you want.  We all deal with feeling the pressure, in my case I feel like I’m the product sometimes, and you know what…I am.  So are you!  We ALL are the PRODUCT.  We are what the world sees us as.  How does the world see you, what is your product?  Is your motivation coming from what you want and what you know you can achieve? Today I want you to tap into that internal power, I want you to ATTACK your greatness…with your greatness.  Trust and Believe, I got you…let’s create your road map.

Episode 102 – What Are Your 60 WANTS? Pt. 2

So in Part 2 of “What Are Your 60 WANTS?”, I asked your peers, the members of the Fit Fam what their wants were and what was keeping them from achieving them.  It’s so funny how alone we can all feel and how we think we’re sometimes the only ones with the struggles we feel.  Truth is, we all have so many similarities in what we struggle with and what keeps us from getting the “WANTS” in our lives.  Sit back and relax, it’s time to find out how you’re not the only one who struggles with their wants, hear it for yourself and Trust and Believe that you’re not alone.

Episode 101 – What Are Your 60 WANTS? Pt. 1

I did a call at the end of last year with a friend of mine, Tania Baron and her team of Beachbody Coaches and I challenged them to write down their 60 WANTS.  Yes, 60 WANTS.  So it’s been some time and I wanted to follow up with them and see what they came up with and what they learned.

So if I asked YOU the same question, some of you might think, “Shaun I can’t come up with 10 wants!”.  If that’s you, GOOD, let’s work on that!  If you do know what your 60 Wants are then I challenge you with, what are you doing about those wants?  How important are they?  How do you let what you WANT out of life, steer you in the direction you need to go?  Do you give up?  Is your job the job you WANT?  Is your marriage the one you WANT?  Are you willing to put the work in to get what you WANT?  Let’s talk about it, part one of “What Are Your 60 Wants”. Just so you know, I give you some homework to do at the end before you move onto Part 2….let’s Trust and Believe…in what you WANT.

Episode 100 – Spring Cleaning Pt. 2 Revisited

My spring cleaning conversation continues this week and if any point in this life in you find yourself constantly competing with someone – you are on a constant path of LOSS.

I have to say – I never EVER speak only to try to make a point. I am constantly 100% speaking from the core of who I am. I never try to have pointless conversation because I just don’t have the time. I have been through too much pain in my life to try to mask anything and I am sure you have endured your own at some point or another.

But this is about more than that. This is about digging deep and getting rid of the evils of your past that can hold you back. At the end of the day the belief that you can make it to the next second has to be deep within you. I can give you the tools you need to succeed but if there is any doubt in your mind its not going to happen – it wont. SO HOW ARE YOU MOVING FORWARD?

You need to trust yourself that once you have it in your mind you can and will move on to the next level. Because WHO’S STOPPING YOU?! Who is telling you NO? When the past means nothing but the past you will fly because there is no weight holding you down.

The only way to move forward is to heal yourself from those wounds and really pull yourself through. So what are you going to do about it?

Episode 99 – Spring Cleaning Pt. 1 Revisited

I remember two episodes we did a year ago and I wanted to repeat them for those that did hear it and need a reminder and those that are new and never heard it before.  It’s the time of year where you hear a lot about “Spring Cleaning”, well today we’re going to do some “Spring Cleaning for Your Soul”.

Do you have something that takes you to another level? Something that really brings out your passion? For me, that thing is music. It is the one thing that makes me feel as if I am in a whole other world and it genuinely cleanses my soul. What does it mean to have YOUR soul cleansed?

Today I speak to Ross Michaels and Jordan Battiste of Park Avenue Artists about their feelings on music and the journey they believe it takes them on. A journey that is universal yet unique. There is a certain connection people have with the music they chose to listen to. The lyrics and melody can bring something out that their own words may not – and one may find themselves listening to the soundtracks of their lives.

Just as if you were playing your favorite album, you can go through this list of tips we created that if followed, can become the “soundtrack” to your life:

Trust and Believe Spring cleaning for the soul:

  1. Find time for yourself
  2. Separate the chatter
  3. Don’t let people take advantage of you
  4. Find your threshold

Make sure you are not just a yes man. Staying out of that red zone of continuously trying to please others over yourself can not only be exhausting, but you can lose yourself. Even if you have the burning desire to help everyone you need to stay within your zone of giving.

Make sure the insides of your soul stay pure – by your own doing.

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