Episode 147 – I Can’t Lose the Last 10lbs!

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So this podcast is going to be a little different!  Chip, Alex and myself were out to eat and Alex opened up to me about her weight-loss journey and where she is now and I quickly realized I needed Chip to record this for a podcast, so I apologize now for the background noise of the restaurant, but you can’t re-create these things and you sometimes just have to roll with it, when it happens.  If any of you out there are struggling with that last 10 lbs, listen in on this conversation.  We talked about everything from: “Is it because I come from an Italian family?’, “Do I really want to lose the 10 lbs?”, “Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to look perfect?”.  Sit back and Trust and Believe, you’re going to ease drop in on a great conversation.

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