Episode 211 – Empowering Parents to Trust & Believe in Themselves with Melanie Feller, M.A. CCC-SLP

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Melanie Feller, M.A., CCC-SLP, DIR-C, is a developmentally based pediatric speech pathologist and expert level DIRFloortime practitioner. She specializes in working with children from 0-3 and children with social-emotional challenges including Autism Spectrum Disorder. Holding multiple certifications in models that support self-regulation, developmental practice, and infant-mental health.

Melanie is the owner of Alphabet Soup Speech Consultants, LLC., a unique private speech pathology practice offering effective, respectful, evidence based services including consultation, parent coaching, speech therapy, and expert evaluation.

Today Melanie joins the Trust and Believe Podcast to educate us on ways to become empowered and to help eliminate the social stressors of parenthood. She takes pride in her job and helping parents find their way to trust and believe in their abilities with tips and tricks to do so. She also talks with Shaun about ways to better understand the process of which your child comprehends and processes many day to day situations – and why they may really be throwing that less than random temper tantrum. Tune into this episode for the ultimate boost in confidence as a parent. You got this.

Show notes:
1:45 – Parenting pressures and how to be more empowered through all the social influence
4:45 – Scheduling with your children and why it’s so important
7:00 – Children’s mental and emotional health. How kids process things differently and how to understand them
9:55 – Your child’s perception of time and how to communicate it
11:11 – What clinging on to object can mean to your child
13:40 – Tips on how to eliminate the stress of being a “perfect” parent
19:45 – Creative ways to parent and fit these methods into your own family dynamic
21:45 – Most profound things Melanie has learned about children along the way
24:45 – Kids memories and why they remember things
27:28 – The four pillars of strength and how parents can use them
30:50 – The Autism Spectrum difference

– Find Melanie Feller and her practice at: alphabetsoupspeech.com
– Instagram: @loveofspeech
– Facebook : @loveofspeech
– If you are interested in Melanie’s new program being released later this year, visit fortheloveofspeech.com

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