Episode 215 – Striving To Reach One’s Natural Greatness with Adam Von Rothfelder

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S.T.R.O.N.G. Striving To Reach One’s Natural Greatness can both describe the name behind his coffee company and the personal life journey for today’s guest. Adam Von Rothfelder, former MMA fighter, trainer on NBC’s “Strong”,  trainer for top CEOs, rappers and athletes, fashion model,  and owner of Strong Coffee Company. Adam has done and been through it all, and he’s got the story to show for it. Today on T&B, Shaun discusses with Adam how all of the trials and tribulations thrown his way that could completely discourage a person, only made him that much more determined. Tune in to hear about Adam’s journey through health and fitness and how the steps he took lead him to creating STRONG Coffee Company and a life he always dreamed of through entrepreneurship.

Show notes:
1:45 – The hero’s journey – Adam’s devastating awakening from the loss of a loved one.
4:00 – Adam entering the Milwaukee’s toughest man
6:06 – The MMA mindset
11:00 – Adam’s job loss that led him to a full time MMA fighter
14:15 – The strength Adam gained that made it all worth it
18:00 – Becoming an entrepreneur and connecting with people through life his own life experiences
19:15 – Three things Adam learned before he became an entrepreneur that people can learn from right now
24:40 – Adam’s experience on being on the TV show “Strong”.
28:20 – Shaun’s take on STRONG Coffee
31:05 – How STRONG Coffee began and the creation process
34:19 – Caffeine facts and how it compares to STRONG
37:45 – The neurofactor that gives STRONG coffee its edge
40:52 – What does STRONG in actually mean?
43:30 – What does Trust and Believe mean to Adam and how you can apply it to your own life.

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