Episode 221 – Becoming Shaun T; A Fitness Journey Part 2 Interview with Alexandra Bonetti of Talent Hack

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Continuing an interview on the T&B podcast, back in March, Shaun T was a guest in a room full of fit pros to be interviewed by Alexandra Bonetti of Talent Hack. Shaun’s entire story of his fitness journey, and how the challenges throughout, big or small, lead him to his career today. Tune in to part two of this intimate conversation where they dive into the background of how Shaun built his empire and what he learned along the way, along with bonus one on one questions from today’s fitpro’s.

Show notes:
1:40 – 7 quick steps to be able to deliver to your clients (promo?)
6:03 – Shaun’s favorite memory on how to be himself (promo? No two snowflakes are alike)
8:45 – How Shaun finds his message to motivate people
9:40 – stop with the competition between fitness pros
11:13 – A life changing moment in Shaun’s life where he had to push through after the loss of a loved one
14:50 – How did Shaun begin his way of teaching?
16:15 – Does Shaun feel vulnerable while teaching?
19:00 – What is the difference between reaching a handful of people and reaching millions?
25:20 – Change your input to change your output
28:55 – What is Shaun’s best advice in a crowded Digital fitness space?
32:23 – When Shaun first started fitness, where did he see himself in 15 years?
34:02 – Does Shaun have a routine to get into a space to create?
35:39 – What would be Shaun’s advice to a young person trying to come up in the fitness industry?
38:13 – What does Shaun think lacks in the industry right now?

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