Episode 229 – #Let’sStayTogether with Tommy DiDario

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#LetsStaytogether is a show hosted by Tommy DiDario on Instagram Live that gives viewers a dose of inspiration by going deep on a variety of different topics, all meant to bring joy and hope to everyone watching. Tune in to listen to Shaun being interviewed by Tommy in this motivational interview as he talks about his lifelong journey from fitness, to marriage, becoming a parent and everything in between. 

Show Notes:

2:05 – Shaun’s struggles through his life early on

5:55 – Shaun’s 50lb weight gain in college

9:05 – The A-HA moment for Shaun

12:27 – Advice for people who haven’t taken that chance to progress forward yet

17:40 – The three “T”s

22:00 – Shaun’s core principles in life

24:37 – When you’re on your fitness journey and not getting support from friends, is it ok to be a little selfish?

28:01 – What does marriage mean to Shaun T?

33:25 – Shaun & Scotts surrogacy journey  

37:10 – What has fatherhood taught Shaun?

40:20 – Ways Shaun is getting people through this challenging time through a pandemic

42:00 – What would you tell your younger self, Shaun?

Meet Tommy!

Tommy is a TV Host & Lifestyle Contributor, seen on The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Entertainment Tonight & so much more. He covers everything from celebrity interviews, to human interest stories, to lifestyle topics in the fashion, trends, grooming, travel, fitness and wellness worlds. 


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