Episode 266 – Dig Deeper Nation Community Questions Answered!

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On a very special episode of T&B Shaun is answering questions for his amazing online group – Dig Deeper Nation. In order for you to continue to push forward and succeed, you need to feel motivation on your own to ensure the actions you are taking every day are pushing you forward!

Questions Shaun answered on today’s episode:

  • What do I do if I hit a plateau?
  • The best way to deal with cravings?
  • For those working from home, how do we remain active throughout the day aside from a daily workout?
  • What can I do to stay the course for my healthy meals even on the weekends?
  • More details on Shaun’s new Beachbody program Let’s Get Up
  • How do I limit my portion intake and still feel full after I eat?

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