030-Clean Your Gut Pt. 2

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Today on Trust and Believe it’s all about being Strong, Safe and Sexy. Sit back and relax with myself, and Jennifer Cassetta as we talk about how you can be to be the sexiest you can be.

I love the Strong, Safe and Sexy plan but my only issue with Jennifer’s plan is my allergies! I feel as though I can’t get into it because I have a tough time eating MANY raw foods. Reason being is because I have an allergic reaction to things such as apples, carrots, almonds, pears and many other fruits and vegetables.

As a part of her plan in being gluten free and pescetarian, she has so much knowledge on foods and what products to be cautious of.  Even with all of my allergies, she helps be decide on what dinner is safe for me and follows her plan. We run into the issues of picking the lesser of the two evils while choosing a meal and Jennifer has the perfect answer. She even gives us advice on how to go shopping for fish on a budget.

Jennifer has her reasons for eating the way she does today and surprisingly they stem from a few documentaries. The one she recommends watching is called Meet Your Meat – where she became educated on the process behind the package and what really happens to the food you put in your body.

It’s not about being 100% perfect all the time. Jennifer is an Italian woman who lives life how she likes to call “gluten free light”. She does not fully deprive herself so when she decides to treat herself – she just might spend her night at a pizzeria. Even as she dines, she knows the right way to order a drink while being mindful of your health.

Listen in to this episode to hear more about Jennifer Cassetta and her life as a trainer as well as being on the show My Diet is Better than Yours.

As you saw on the show, people in your life are not always easy to deal with and everyone has their breaking point. Check out her book; Hear Me Roar: How To Defend Your Mind, Body and Heart Against People Who Suck.


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