Episode 307 – Turning a Life-Changing Injury Into a Thriving Skin Care Line with Francesco Clark

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Clark’s Botanicals started in 2002 after a tragic accident left founder Francesco Clark paralyzed from the neck down and with central nervous system trauma that severely impacted his skin function. Without the ability to sweat out toxins, Francesco’s skin became congested, dull, inflamed and prematurely aged. When products failed to help, he became determined to create his own solution to heal his skin. He teamed up with his father – a doctor and homeopath – and turned to nature’s most radical plant extracts, enhancing them with leading-edge skin science. The result was an innovative new product, launching Clark’s Botanicals, a brand known to unlock change deep inside for head-turning, go-bare results. 

In February 2020, the brand re-launched with breakthroughs in botanical skin science and a progressive new active base, Jasmine Catalyst Complex™. The entire product line was reformulated to guarantee the cleanest ingredients and environmentally conscious packaging. 

One year later, Clark’s Botanicals is proud to grow the Jasmine Vital franchise. Available now, Jasmine Vital Oil is an immuno-stimulating botanical infusion that acts as both a serum and an oil, delivering instant gratification in the form of a healthy, dewy glow. Its fast-acting, non-greasy and highly absorbable properties, as well as its convenient portability, enable you to take your glow on the road. Spot treatments throughout the day imbue a flawless luminescence on top of make-up.

Clark’s Botanicals is radically clean, adhering to the strictest of industry clean standards and often setting their own, higher standards. 

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