059-Get Over It

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Ever wonder why Wednesday is called “Hump Day”.  Today I explain why Hump Day is the day you “Get Over it”.

I had no idea….when I recorded this what the outcome of the election was going to be.  So when it came time to post this week’s podcast, I never had in mind that half the country was going to be happy and half was going to be angry or shocked.

But what I talk about today, is not only applicable to your workouts, your goals in life, but also the result of this year’s election.  It’s time to realize now, that no matter where we are, or who we are….we’re always at the hump of victory in LIFE!  So it’s time to learn how to “Get Over It” and how your mindset will help you be victorious in all aspects of your life.  You worked hard to get the top of the hill, now you’re going to enjoy the ability to coast a little bit and prepare for the next hill you will have to climb.  Some of you are at the top of the hill right now, some of you are at the bottom looking up.

As long as you keep moving….you will progress in life and something inside of you will always be getting stronger.  Join me so I can show you how to “Get Over It”.