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With all of the hate going on in the world right now against people of other races, sexuality and beliefs I truly felt the need to have this conversation on Trust and Believe.

After the tragic events in Orlando and the daily hateful dialogue from political figures, we continue to hear that Muslim means terror. Today, I have the pleasure of having an amazing guest join me on my show. A successful author, writer, lawyer and host of the famous podcast: Undisclosed; Rabia Chaudry.

As a Muslim woman, Rabia has been feeling the backlash that has followed this tragedy into her community. Aside from her investigation into Adnon’s case, she has been doing advocacy for Muslim issues and race issues for years – working on issues of terrorism, extremism and radicalization. Her main focus right now is about how religion is used by people to commit acts of violence on others. She talks to us about how we are mislead to believe that Muslims are the reason for the terror and why.

I was truly hurting over the Orlando tragedy. I couldn’t find it in me to act happy, or post like I usually would or even interact the way I normally would. All of the stories and hate kept piling up and I was so fed up with everything that I knew I had to talk to Rabia about these issues. I needed someone to help give us an understanding of whats REALLY going on and what we can do to change. Join in as we talk about how we can work together towards a common goal of peace.

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Twitter @rabiasquared

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