Discover your potential. Focus your power. Master your mind.

[blockquote]Be the best YOU that you can possibly be.[/blockquote]

No matter how you put it, a burning desire remains—I want you to DIG DEEP into your soul. I want to counsel you, to help you, to teach and learn from you in our mentorship. I want you to fight to be everything you ever wanted, because you can, and YOU WILL.

I wanted a way to connect with you on a deeper level—to take all the inspiring energy I feel from you and help you DIG DEEPER beyond the workouts. So, the ShaunTourage and I created a live experience like nothing before. After a long time in the making, on September 14, 2013, we’re officially hosting the first SHAUNTERVENTION, a day completely designed around FINDING YOUR LIFE.

[blockquote]SHAUNTERVENTION. The day you find your life and capture your soul.[/blockquote]

So…picture it… September 14th, 2013. Dallas, TX. SHAUNTERVENTION. The day you find your life and capture your soul. This is beyond me training your body—we’re going to focus on fueling your mind and heart. I promise you this is going to be a life shaping experience. From workouts, to motivation, to one-on-one time and interactive journaling, SHAUNTERVENTION will help you realize your destiny.

If you’re ready to take that next STep in life, I want to know…will you join me?

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  • Nataly Navarro

    I would love love love love love love to go. I live in dallas!!. I just had a baby a month ago, i need a shauntervention!!! i’m not only trying to loose the weight from this bb (I lost 50lbs before and gained it all back during this prefnancy) but i’m trying to loose weight i didn’t loose on my diet before i got pregnant. (I’ve always been over weight). Well i like the whole idea changing not only our body but our mindset too. Long story short baby’s ain’t cheap :) Maybe next time around ill have my finances in order.

      • Nataly Navarro

        Wow Shaun T, you actually replied to my comment!!! And you know what i think your right. I might not have much to sell but i do need to find some way to make money i mean your coming here… to where i live.. besides i need to stop making excuses for myself and just do it. I’m excited now i was going to Ditch my workout today but u just made my day i feel like i can do a double today :) thanks!?!

  • Becky Cobble

    I’m soo EXCITED to know I can finally make one of your events!! I am going to make every effort to be there!! I live in San Antonio so it’s only about a 4hr to 5hr drive!!! I am ready for my SHAUNTERVENTION!!!! :-)

  • Josh Tiller

    D: I would kill for a chance to go to this. I live in Granbury, which is a bout 45 min away from Dallas.

    But for a college student, the price is WAY too steep. could we host a contest for a free ticket or something bwahaha XD

    ..Im only half joking.

  • Lily Moll

    I’m not in the best shape of my life, not even near but you better believe ill be there. I’m on my way to becoming a healthy person. Meeting you is a goal of mine. Just look for a short chubby girl! :)

  • JanYeWest

    Aw. I’m in the UK and would love to go to something like this! Funnily enough I’ll be a little closer as I’m in Florida come September 15th… Swing by the Magic Kingdom! I’ll need you there to keep me from eating everything that resembles the shape of Mickey Mouse!

      • Irena Slovaček

        Please, when You come to UK, do think about Europe, Croatia! I am 18 years in aerobics and do my hardest to teach children as well as adults to live a healty life. It is very hard in Croatia because of the recession but I do my best for the country! Please come! I would so much come to Dallas in September but I don’t have so much money! I would so much love to be there! All the best!

  • Michael

    Hey Shaun T,

    My wife is absolutely in love with your programs and probably you. :-) Is the VIP Experience limited to a certain number of people? Is it guaranteed she will have the opportunity to meet you? Would love to surprise her with this on her Birthday this week. Thanks in advance for your response and thank you for helping change our lives.

  • juliewm

    My best friend and I have bought our tickets (and are working on the rest of our gang). We have found fitness provides as many mental benefits as it does physical benefits. We are so excited for this day. While I do not have the body of many of the ‘after’ pictures, I have worked through numerous autoimmune issues while reaching for INSANITY. Going bald due to autoimmune issues was crashing to one’s self imagine…. it was bad enough I had a thyroid fighting me and making it impossible to loose weight…..then i lost my hair. FAT and BALD — lovely. I never stopped hitting ‘play’ and knew that despite my issues I was not sick… because I sick person could do Insanity. My friend and I went to the certification in April…. (taught by the lovely Danielle). I do not care if i ever teach a class, but I wanted to know i could do it…. Spit in the face of my immune faces. I am happy to say …. that I still hit ‘play’… just got T25 and have hair…. No more wig for me! Your posts provide me daily inspiration and I am looking forward to September.

  • Patricia Gallagher Velasquez

    I did STRIDE training with you in Frisco, stalked you at Summit 3 years in a row, have helped countless individuals follow your programs and GRADUATE and recently became INSANITY Certified with Melissa McAllister and “perfect squat” Jimmy Hayes Nelson. You know I will be front row with some amazing members of my team. Diggin Deep is second nature to this MARINE…I will see you there!

  • Fatima A.

    Shaun, I would love for my son to attend this. All he did was your program and got into the best shape of his life. He was also doing personal training with several clients when he became unexpectantly ill. In December, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and it has been a constant struggle to get back to where he was physically (he is 22 years old). He was recently okayed to start working out again, but I feel he needs to start digging deep within to find that inner strength in order to push him all the way. Having cancer tears you down mentally sometimes, but something like this would really help. I am going to see if I can work it into our budget for him to attend. May have to pay before the deadline, but I am most definitely going to try.

    Also, one of the Beachbody coaches was so inspiring and pumped about your Focus T25 that I purchased it without reading a single review. That’s big for me. We start a challenge next week, and I am looking forward to it. I have struggled with getting back into shape lately with so much going on. I think that with your program, I am going to do it this time.

  • Jennifer

    OMG! Is there a certain age you have to be? I’m about to turn 17 on July 15th, && I’ve been DYING to meet you!!!! It would be practically my whole months pay check, but definitely worth it!!

  • Rachel Punches

    I know you probably get a lot of “thank you”s so it might lose it’s meaning a little bit to hear it again, but THANK YOU. I pooled my savings and got myself a VIP ticket to Shauntervention this morning. I apologize in advance for crying when I meet you, but it’s not every day I get to thank someone who has inspired me so much. You and your team have done more for me than you’ll ever know and I’m excited to be able to “thank you” in person. I hope hugs are OK because I’m a hugger! See you soon Shaun T!

  • Ellen Wilson

    Hey Shaun :) love what you and the shaunterage are doing missed you in vegas, i was lying in a mgm bed with food poisoning, missed lots of camp do more too.. but hey i missed you the most! will you be coming back to Toronto this year? any plans to do this in Canada? thanks, and have fun… lucky dallas peeps :)

  • Sally Pawlus

    Are you going to be doing this in more locations? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go and really tried to figure out a budget but ya my budget will not allow me to fly to Texas. I live in Wisconsin and if you were closer I would make it work. You are my inspiration and you have no idea how much you and your programs have changed my life:-) I am trying to pay it forward by being an Insanity Instructor! I love teaching Insanity and have found my new passion. Thank YOU!!!!

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